Here’s The Thing: New Bike Day Is Amazing

Here’s the thing: the motocross community is full of people from all walks of life. Different from each other? You bet your bottom dollar we’re different but also bonded by some rock-solid commonalities that keep this community so well connected. Speaking of which, here’s something we can all relate to.

New Bike Day!

Whether it’s new off the showroom floor or new to you, new bike day is up there among the best feelings in the life of a dirt bike kid. No matter your age, the feeling of picking of a freshy or a rebuild is always enough to raise the hair on your neck. The very idea of the throttle therapy sessions you might get to enjoy aboard your new steed is really what this sport is all about.

Seeing the world from the seat of a dirt bike is a people thing and new bike day provides an opportunity for a blank canvas. A new chapter in your journey as a dirt bike kid. Okay, maybe I’m over-romanticizing this a little bit but come on! New bike day is the official first gate-drop to a life behind bars.

The possibilities are endless! Well, if you can afford it anyways. Will it be a dream build? Leave it bone stock? Regardless of whether you’re lining up for the next local motocross race or headed for the woods with a set of bark busters, getting your new bike home is just special. Giving your new steed a good once over. Googling the oil capacity instead of checking the owner’s manual. Even if you don’t race, it’s usually not long before you’ve got some fresh graphics in hand or at the very least a set of numbers to officially make the bike yours.

Whether you turn your bikes over every year and you get new bike day on an annual basis or hold onto your fleet like sacred treasures for years on end like I do, that first day with a new bike is one of the most common experiences that all dirt bike kids get to have. It’s those commonalities and create a connection with the community unlike any other sport. When you see someone who is clearly bringing their new bike to the track, you immediately remember the feeling you had, and you’re stoked for them as they would be for you.

Like a nod or wave to a random stranger as you leave the track or the first bump shared between two lappers who just battled for 25th, new bike day is awesome, and I hope you get to have one of your own soon.

Written by BigMxRadio

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