I Got in a Group Text with the SGB Babbitt’s Team

While deep in the underground pits at the Indy SX last week I saw my old acquaintance AJ Catanzaro from afar. We made eye contact and with COVID rules that is a no-no, so I immediately went to go wash my eyes out with soap. However, I texted him up after the race to explain what happened and to talk about the SGB/Maxxis Tires/Babbitt’s Kawasaki team that he helped build. We then brought in the entire team and the conversation showed how the team dynamic works. Everyone has a role. I took it upon myself to create a page here like what you might find on a dating app such as Tinder—or hinge—as Alex Ray corrected me on. Here is what I learned about this epic squad. With Valentine’s Day weekend we figured we would make this one for the sisters and the moms.

AJ Catanzaro
Relationship Status: Super Married
Role on the Team: Team Captain
We are sorry ladies, but Captain SGB Kawi is taken and you missed out. AJ has been busy building an empire with his AJ Catanzaro Moto-X Academy’s and he’s built the business up so much that he’s basically set for life. That means that the Cat (meow) is like Kenny Powers: he is an athlete, but also a businessman. If you are looking for a driven 450 veteran who also rakes in a ton of money then look further, because we are not looking to cheat. The Cat also shared that he has been in an intervention with Zach Osborne, his teammates, and some of the other 450 guys about how he does not show all he is capable of out on the track. I blame the side career that has turned into a full-time gig.

He’s taken, ladies!

Alex Ray
Relationship Status: On Hinge, Tinder, and Lumberjack’s Only
Role on the Team: Supercross Specialist/Gear SnobYou know A-Ray and you love him. You never know what the guy is going to say or do. He is just a loveable, outgoing, Tennessee Titan, who enjoys long walks on the beach and your mom. If you are still interested, and you are, A-Ray will take you to the hot bar at Whole Foods for a romantic dinner. Afterward, if your kit is not super on point, he will let you know like he did all last summer to his teammate Jeremy. Alex even threw away Jeremy’s 20-year-old gear bag and all the memories went with it. He got him an Ogio bag as a replacement. What a sweetheart.

Poster boy for Lumberjack’s Only.

Justin Rodbell
Relationship Status: In a relationship
Role on the Team: Outdoor Specialist/HVAC Specialist
Ahhh… Rodbell, one of the boys of summer. He was thrown into the 450 mix last year and immediately became a privateer hero. If you are looking for a man that pukes a lot, then he is it. According to himself and his team, he pukes after the first moto of every outdoor race, so he drinks Pepto before each moto. That sounds like a bad choice. Also, our boy Rod Dog here spent most of last year fixing peoples heating and air systems. Which is good for you because it shows how he is not afraid to work hard and learn a new craft. Regardless, Rodbell cannot stand A-Ray because of his supercross skills and he lives for the great outdoors. Or he lives outdoors…it’s one of those. Remember ladies, it is JUSTIN RODBELL…NOT JUSTIN BELLROD. He has a chick, so let us move on.

Boombox not included.

Jeremy Smith
Relationship Status: ?
Role on the Team: Man of Mystery
Ladies, if you are looking for a man who you can hang out with and then immediately not know much about him, Jeremy is your guy. He was a victim of gear abuse by his teammate Alex all last summer because his boots and gear “they weren’t fresh enough for him”. He enjoys shopping at Walmart, which is good for you because it means he likes to buy all his stuff from one place. That means more time for you and him to hang out and not learn much about him. Either way, the dude shreds on a dirtbike, so that should be enough to make you tingle.

International man of mystery.

Happy Valentine’s Day, y’all!


Written by Troy Dog

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