T-Dog’s Takes: The Off Weekend Update, the One Where A-Ray Got Super Hydrated

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The off weekend of the Monster Energy Supercross Championship is a special holiday that is circled by many in the industry. It’s a time to do something that you’ve wanted to do for 12 weeks that you haven’t been able to do since the season started. The last thing these riders want to do is touch a dirtbike. So, I took it upon myself to ask some guys what they did. The ones that did respond came through with some incredible answers that truly encompass what WE at vurbmoto are all about. Please enjoy. 

We will start off with Alex Ray, since he was THE first person to get back to me and answered immediately. A-Ray spent the weekend with his new chick in Louisville and got super duper hydrated and played a lot of golf. He said that he may have drank too much H2O last weekend, but hopefully that will help him in his training this week. His flight got canceled as of Monday afternoon and he was still stuck at the airport. Why can’t things ever go smoothly for our guy A-Ray? Oh well, at least he’s hydrated. 

We move from a guy who overcompensated himself with liquids, to a kid who celebrated his first SX off weekend getting his grub on. Hunter Yoder spent his weekend eating cheat meals like pizza, then went to a BBQ and “SMASHED a couple plates of food,” then had some cinnamon roll French toast with eggs and bacon for breakfast. Homeboy over here makes me hungry. 

Brandon Hartranft told me that everyone calls him “Big Sexy” and that we need to work on his dog name. So, I’m not exactly sure that Big Sexy Dog is the right move here, but Hartranft is a big dude and I don’t want him to eat me, so Big Sexy Dog it is. He spent the weekend golfing and he was living the good life and stayed the night in Laguna Beach with Steven and Lo…get it? Remember that old show on MTV? No, just me? I’m envious of Big Sexy Dog. 

Another guy living the life was AJ Catanzaro, who’s wife talked him into going to the spa with her. Well, apparently a 6’4 Samoan guy, who might have been the guy who played Aqua Man or Maui (where are all my Moana fans out there?) gave AJ Cat the most painful massage ever. This is just a real awkward situation to picture in your head. Poor AJ. 

I’ve had Cade Clason’s number since I was in studio with him at the PulpMx Show at the end of 2016. That’s over five years of never reaching out. I also quit the media game for a bit, too. So, there is that. Cade actually spent Saturday riding his dirtbike, which is a super boring answer. Then he spent Sunday driving around and looking at houses to buy in North Carolina. Then we started broing down about how growing up in Ohio was terrible and I’m pretty sure we’re bros now. Expect more Cade content in the future, but he still had a terrible weekend. 

The Summer of Rodbell, which was coined by Steve Matthes, is ready to start ramping up once again. Justin Rodbell spent his weekend hanging out with his mom, sister, and girlfriend. They all came to visit him at his home in North Carolina and had a bon fire. He’s going to be racing the entire Canadian Motocross Championship and then racing four rounds of the Lucas Oil Pro Motocross Championship for PRMX. He was bummed he didn’t have a cool story, but it’s okay I told him his buddy A-Ray had him covered. He replied,”Always has, always will.”

It was at this point that the legend himself, Kyle Chisholm answered me. He was saying that Jeannie Carmichael was whooping him at the GOAT Farm. Before he went to the Star Racing headquarters he hit up Disney World, the beach, church, and chilled at home with his family. I tweeted this the other day, but Chiz has completed the trifecta of training. He’s trained with James Stewart, Chad Reed, and now with a Carmichael. Those three sought out the greatness that is Chiz. No wonder they were all so legendary. 

What the Squad Did:

Ashton Bloxom left the group chat for some reason. This is unacceptable and needs to jump back in. He spent the weekend going to the World of Outlaws Sprint Car race with Har Dog and then spent Sunday running electric in a mansion. Har Dog got Chipotle and chilled out. Star Dog actually went and got some laps in with Jack Chambers and I’m sure did some bike work since he’s his own mechanic. Dozer Dog (Luke Renzland) is back in New Jersey working construction before the nationals start back up. On Saturday he was shredding a sand pit in Massachusetts. Then on Sunday he watched it rain and bowled a couple 300s. 

That’s all I have for now, but I think we learned a lot from all of this. We will do this again soon! Thanks for reading!

Written by Troy Dog

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