Hometown Heroics from Kyle Peters at Round 6 of Kicker Arenacross

Tulsa, OK — The Kicker AMA Arenacross visited Greensboro, North Carolina for Round Six of the 2022 AMA Series. This was the first time back at the Greensboro Coliseum since 2019, and the return was not a disappointing one. From the hometown heroics by Kyle Peters to the return of the original Kicker AMA Arenacross champion, Jace Owen, it’s not a stretch to say that this may be the best weekend of racing in the series so far.

Round six was missing two series regulars, as Lance Kobusch was out with an injury sustained in round five and Heath Harrison out after a crash in practice earlier in the day. Both are expected to return in round seven in Reno, Nevada.

The first heat of the 250 Pro class kicked off the evening. Rylan Smith got the holeshot ahead of Peters and Kyle Bitterman. Peters pulled into first place quickly with Bitterman passing Smith by the third lap. Peters would finish in first ahead of Bitterman (2nd) and Smith (3rd).

Heat two was our first look at the 2019 Arenacross Champion, Jace Owen. Owen would grab the holeshot and rode well and easily into the top spot in his heat. Nate Mason came in second and Spencer Winter in third.

Adam Conway took the holeshot in the third heat and would maintain that lead through the checkered flag. He finished in first, Wristin Grigg in second and Tristin Moffitt in third.

The first heat of the 450 Pro was up next on the gate and Peters snagged the win again. Bitterman started in second before running into a little trouble in the third lap causing him to fall back to fifth place. Bitterman though had been riding well all day and made a strong push and returned to second place before the end of the heat. Mason came in third.

Up next was the second heat and Owen got a bad start before getting stuck behind a downed rider at the first turn. He came through lap one in seventh place but was not deterred. By the fifth lap Owen had passed everyone but Devin Xindaris. Owen was able to pass him on a turn in lap six and go on to win the heat. Xindaris came in second and Luke Dickey came in third.

Brandon Marley took the top spot in heat three ahead of Winter in second and Grigg in third.

Tristin Johnstone won the 250 Pro last chance qualifier race to secure his spot in the 250 Pro Main event. Carlos Short came in second and qualified as well. Austin Roberts won the 450 Pro last chance qualifier and qualified for the main event with Collin Hinrichs who came in second.

250 Pro Main event was led off by Owen grabbing the holeshot. He would keep the lead for the first three laps ahead of Peters who was able to pass him on a turn in lap four. Owen stayed right on Peters tail though as did Bitterman who had been solidly in third the entire race. Their positions did not waver the remainder of the race, but they all had to race exceptionally as it would’ve been a simple mistake away from someone passing the other if they did not. The top five: Kyle Peters (1st) Jace Owen (2nd) Kyle Bitterman (3rd) Nate Mason (4th) Spencer Winter (5th).

The 450 Pro Main was quite possibly the most exciting battle we’ve seen in this 2022 series. Owen grabbed the holeshot again but was better prepared to maintain the lead this go around. Typically, Peters is able to pass racers when they go wide on a turn and he cuts inside, but Owen took every turn in close shutting off any possibility for Peters to do so. Owen maintained just a small lead over Peters throughout the race, with Peters gaining a little ground in the whoops but Owen cutting inside on the turn and maintaining the first-place position. On the final turn before the finish line and checkered flag, Owen took it a little too wide and Peters made his move and grabbed the victory at the last possible second. His bike bumped into Owen in the process and Owen hit a tuff block and went down, allowing Bitterman to pass him by for the second-place finish. It was a thrilling race, and the crowd was electric. The top five: Kyle Peters (1st) Kyle Bitterman (2nd) Jace Owen (third) Devin Xindaris (fourth) Nate Mason (fifth).

Round seven and eight are coming up this Friday and Saturday in Reno, Nevada. 

Round Six: Main Event Results (Top 10)
250 Pro450 Pro
1.Kyle Peters (Honda)1.Kyle Peters (Honda)
2.Jace Owen (Yamaha)2.Kyle Bitterman (GasGas)
3.Kyle Bitterman (GasGas)3.Jace Owen (Yamaha)
4.Nate Mason (KTM)4.Devin Xindaris (Honda)
5.Spencer Winter (KTM)5.Nate Mason (KTM)
6.Brandon Marley (Suzuki)6.Spencer Winter (KTM)
7.Tristin Moffitt (Yamaha)7.Austin Roberts (Yamaha)
8.Adam Conway (Yamaha)8.Collin Hinrichs (Suzuki)
9.Wristin Griggs (GasGas)9.Brandon Marley (Suzuki)
10.Rylan Smith (Kawasaki)10.Danny Perry (KTM)
2022 Series Standings
(Through Round 6)
1.Kyle Peters #1 Honda309 pts
2.Kyle Bitterman#3 GasGas209 pts
3.Lance Kobusch#194 Honda203 pts
4.Heath Harrison#24 Honda187 pts
5.Wristin Grigg#272 GasGas133 pts
6.Brendan Sipple#777 KTM118 pts
7.Henry Miller#129 KTM116 pts
8.Nate Mason#15 KTM112 pts
9.Matthew Curler#58 Honda98 pts
10.Luke Dickey#7 GasGas87 pts

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