Kyle Peters Extends Points Lead To More Than 200 in Kicker Arenacross

Tulsa, OK – The Kicker AMA Arenacross headed west to Reno, Nevada for rounds seven and eight on February 4th and 5th. The series is still missing Lance Kobusch and Heath Harrison to injury, along with Kyle Bitterman, who is home awaiting the birth of his child. Round 7 brought the return of Phoenix Racing Honda’s Cullin Park who got back into the swing of Arenacross racing very quickly.

Phoenix Racing Honda teammates Kyle Peters and Cullin Park dominated the weekend, kicking things off with P1 finishes across both the 250 Pro and 450 Pro heat races in Round Seven. The racing in Reno also brought a handful of new faces, including Jeremy Ryan, who finished P3 in 250 Pro heat and made the 450 Pro Main by way of victory in the Last Chance Qualifying (LCQ) Race.

250 Pro Heat Results – Heat One: (1) Kyle Peters (2) Nate Mason (3) Jeremy Ryan (4) Casey Carmichael (5) Wristin Grigg – Heat Two: (1) Cullin Park (2) Tyler Ducray (3) Braden Spangle (4) Rylan Smith (5) Brendan Sipple

450 Pro Heat Results – Heat One: (1) Kyle Peters (2) Kinser Endicott (3) Preston Mull (4) Nate Mason (5) Wristin Grigg – Heat Two: (1) Cullin Park (2) Braden Spangle (3) Rylan Smith (4) Brandon Marley (5) Adam Conway

250 Pro LCQ Results – (1) Adam Conway (2) Luke Dickey – 450 Pro LCQ Results – (1) Jeremy Ryan (2) Collin Hinrichs

The 250 Pro Main was the first main of Round Seven and Jeremy Ryan came hot off the starting gate grabbing the holeshot and early lead through the first lap. However, defending champion Kyle Peters showed his experience yet again and pulled into first place in the second lap. Peters would quickly pull ahead of the pack and go on to win his 45th main event in his Kicker AMA Arenacross career. Cullin Park would go on to battle Jeremy Ryan for the duration of the race before finally making the pass on Ryan in lap seven to take over the second spot. Park would finish P2 ahead of Ryan who secured the P3 spot in his first Kicker AMA Arenacross race.

Up next was the Round Seven 450 Pro Main event. Kyle Peters displayed a better start in this event and started and finished in the P1 position without any opposition. Another newcomer, Preston Mull, started off the race strong in the third spot, not far off from Cullin Park, who was P2 throughout the duration of the race, but Park was able to pull away from Mull in the seventh lap. Jeremy Ryan started the race in seventh, after having last gate pick because of his attendance in the LCQ race. Ryan would ride consistently as he picked off the pack and finished in the P3 position. Another impressive new face was Aaron Siminoe, who started the race in the 13th position but had made his way up to fourth place by the checkered flag. The top three mirrored the previous main event with Peters getting P1, Park in P2 and Ryan in P3.

Saturday night at the Reno-Sparks Livestock Events Center was host to Round Eight for the 2022 Kicker AMA Arenacross Series. The show kicked off with the 250 and 450 Pro Heat races which yet again were dominated and won by Phoenix Racing Honda’s Peters and Park.

250 Pro Heat Results – Heat One: (1) Kyle Peters (2) Jeremy Ryan (3) Wristin Grigg (4) Rylan Smith (5) Luke Dickey – Heat Two: (1) Cullin Park (2) Casey Carmichael (3) Braden Spangle (4) Adam Conway (5) Brandon Marley

450 Pro Heat Results – Heat One: (1) Kyle Peters (2) Wristin Grigg (3) Kinser Endicott (4) Nate Mason (5) Braden Spangle– Heat Two: (1) Cullin Park (2) Aaron Siminoe (3) Adam Conway (4) Brendan Sipple (5) Rylan Smith

250 Pro LCQ Results – (1) Tyler Ducray (2) Carlos Short – 450 Pro LCQ Results – (1) Jeremy Ryan (2) Tyler Ducray

The Round Eight 250 Pro Main was déjà vu from the night before, as Ryan got the holeshot and early lead over Peters again. Though it took a little longer this time, Peters was able to make a pass by going inside on a berm to pull ahead of Ryan and back into first place, where he would remain through the checkered flag. Park and Ryan would battle yet again for the second and third podium spots. Ryan would keep the second spot for the first half of the main, before Park made the move to P2 in the seventh lap.

Park was consistent this weekend in that he would get faster and smoother in his riding as the race went on, inching closer and closer to the top spot. Park shows great talent in his racing and would likely be a contender to win over his teammate Peters if he had not been benched with an injury most of the series. Park would finish P2 in the race ahead of Ryan who finished P3.

The final main event on the weekend was the 450 Pro Main, which brought the excitement from Park and newcomer Aaron Siminoe as they took turns in second place throughout the race. Park would do as he had done all weekend, and finally pull ahead by the end of the main to take P2 overall, behind Peters in P1. Siminoe would secure his first podium position of his Kicker AMA Arenacross career with a P3 finish. Other impressive rides worth noting were that of series competitor Wristin Grigg and Nate Mason, alongside Jeremy Ryan. Grigg and Ryan would battle for the fourth-place finish throughout with Grigg passing Ryan for fourth as they crossed the finish line on the final lap. Ryan took fifth overall ahead of Mason in sixth.

The 2022 Kicker AMA Arenacross Series heads to Denver, Colorado this weekend for the final two rounds, Rounds Nine and Ten, of the series.

Round Seven: Main Event Results (Top 10)
250 Pro450 Pro
1.Kyle Peters (Honda)1.Kyle Peters (Honda)
2.Cullin Park (Honda)2.Cullin Park (Honda)
3.Jeremy Ryan (KTM)3.Jeremy Ryan (KTM)
4.Nate Mason (KTM)4.Aaron Siminoe (Kawasaki)
5.Braden Spangle (Yamaha)5.Preston Mull (Husqvarna)
6.Wristin Grigg (GasGas)6.Wristin Grigg (GasGas)
7.Brendan Sipple (KTM)7.Kinser Endicott (Kawasaki)
8.Casey Carmichael (Kawasaki)8.Nate Mason (KTM)
9.Rylan Smith (Kawasaki)9.Brandon Marley (Suzuki)
10.Collin Hinrichs (Suzuki)10.Brendan Sipple (KTM)
Round Eight: Main Event Results (Top 10)
250 Pro450 Pro
1.Kyle Peters (Honda)1.Kyle Peters (Honda)
2.Cullin Park (Honda)2.Cullin Park (Honda)
3.Jeremy Ryan (KTM)3.Aaron Siminoe (Kawasaki)
4.Wristin Grigg (GasGas)4.Wristin Grigg (GasGas)
5.Nate Mason (KTM)5.Jeremy Ryan (KTM)
6.Adam Conway (Yamaha)6.Nate Mason (KTM)
7.Casey Carmichael (Kawasaki)7.Kinser Endicott (Kawasaki)
8.Rylan Smith (Kawasaki)8.Tyler Ducray (KTM)
9.Collin Hinrichs (Suzuki)9.Adam Conway (Yamaha)
10.Brendan Sipple (KTM)10.Rylan Smith (Kawasaki)
2022 Series Standings
(Through Round 8)
1.Kyle Peters#1 Honda413 pts
2.Kyle Bitterman#3 GasGas209 pts
3.Wristin Grigg#272 GasGas205 pts
4.Lance Kobusch#194 Honda203 pts
5.Heath Harrison#24 Honda187 pts
6.Nate Mason#15 KTM181 pts
7.Brendan Sipple#777 KTM172 pts
8.Cullin Park#2 Honda153 pts
9.Collin Hinrichs#18 Suzuki125 pts
10.Brandon Marley#146 Suzuki121 pts

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