Helmet Cameras Banned in All Amateur AMA Racing Disciplines

Effective January 1, 2021, cameras or other accessories will NOT be permitted to be attached to a rider’s helmet in all amateur AMA Racing disciplines, the American Motorcyclist Association announced on Monday.

The new rule was created through the AMA Competition Commissions process and has been approved by the AMA Board of Directors. The rule DOES NOT apply to professional AMA events.

The rule is new to the U.S. but not other parts of the world. Australia banned helmet cameras in 2017 and parts of Europe have done so as well.

Below is the official rule, which begins next year:

All helmets must be intact and no modification may be made to their construction that alters the helmet from the condition it was tested and approved. The helmet is made to provide protection and is not a platform to attach foreign objects. For example, cameras or other accessories are NOT permitted to be attached to the rider’s helmet.

What do you think? Good rule or bad? Sound off in the comments.

Main image: Mike Vizer


  1. great idea. needs to be a push to chest or bike mount the cameras. some of the teams have been on this for a while, those under decoster have been mounting behind number plates, and on front fenders.

    numerous helmet makers have also spoken on this topic for years. less out to roll when head hits the ground, and also could act as a pressure point to fracture shell in the right/wrong kind of imact.

  2. With the technology out today, there’s no reason a small camera couldn’t be installed under the visor or to the side of the helmet if you really need the camera.

  3. great rule, there are enough c-class hero’s on YouTube already ???? everybody should know it’s about liability

  4. Horrible rule…..needs clarification……the Proshot mount on the mouthpiece of the helmet is completely safe….why takeaway such an incredible teaching tool for the youth…pros are exempt…..go figure?

    A class dad

  5. AMA please explain how a go pro mount alters the condition of the helmet because the last a checked they are mounted with a sticky strip. Not bolted on or anything. Literally a sticker. Please explain how thats a safety issue.

  6. The 1st five comments I read 3 of them I don’t think even read the rule before commenting 1 guy said he’ll miss the sick CW2 videos duh amateurs not pros another one said what does the sticky pad holds cam hurt? Well one in a million chance but if the rider landed just right on the cam it could drive it thru helmet into riders skull like hitting with hammer it didn’t say no cameras it said none on the helmet

  7. Complete horse shit! I can’t stand the frigin AMA! I was so happy when Washougal stopped making us riders buy a worthless AMA license. The AMA are not friends of riders only want to fill their coffers! For god’s sake they sold out to the FIM, the scourge of pro motocross! Enough with that rant, as one poster said the proshot in no way compromises the helmets safety. I can understand not allowing the camera to be mounted on top where it could potentially be pushed inward on the helmet. Bottom line,the AMA isn’t my mom, dad, wife, boss … .The AMA doesn’t pay my race entry, bike payment or anything else of mine. Just a bunch of leaches Mind your own business AMA and piss the F off!

  8. I’ve been on the phone with three major harescramble series. Mideast Racing, SETRA, VHSS, and possibly the Gncc will be dropping AMA. Any other series out there that want to drop AMA contact Geico insurance, they are working on a quotes for sporting events. AMA, you just lost over 3000 members. You morons don’t realize, WE DON’T HAVE TO HAVE YOU. See ya losers

  9. Why is it only in amateur racing not able to have said camera on helmet I think ama has gone to far with this I for one have used one have ever had any problems with it on helmet have went down did not get injured so what’s big dill I hope maybe the local series drops ama so want have to dill with it been long time member scent have to have it when race gncc only series had to until few yrs back started it in harescramble series wish stop making us have it

  10. Disagree simply because it’s not about safety, it’s discrimination. If it was about safety it would be banned for ALL, including pro’s. A pro rider can have just as nasty if not more nasty of a crash than a beginner , C or B class rider. The pro’s are usually a lot faster, and jumping a lot farther so the mindset that they are exempt is ludicrous at best. If you’re gonna make a rule, it’s a rule for all or none, stop discriminating, this is still America!

  11. Everytime i’ve ridden or raced I have filmed using a gopro since gopros have came out. I have like 500ish videos on youtube, I’ve crashed every way imaginable, the cameras come off and it don’t take much of an impact. terrible rule. I might do more open rides than racing this season, due to this stupid rule.

  12. When I was racing D-37 desert races in SoCal, I always had a go pro on the top of my helmet. It was just for fun, and since I was a mid- pack rider, I got a lot of good racing footage. I think this is a stupid rule. We all have to sign a liability release when we enter a race anyway. I think the AMA is following the standard liberal/ progressive playbook — regulate more and more things to keep yourselves relevant.

    My opinion if the AMA? 6 or 7 years ago, we were in a fight with the marines for 144,000 acres of land in the SoCal desert. This was land that had been used for decades for outdoor recreation. The battle was fought by local racing clubs and other outdoor recreational groups. AMA was nowhere to be found. We ended up losing 50% of that land, and AMA came out saying this was a great victory for offroad enthusiasts everywhere! What a bunch of idiots. We lost! Big time! AMA does not look out for our interests.

  13. Why though? Do they have data that a camera compromises the helmet. I would think if they did then i would think the results would be posted to give a reason. Otherwise….someone at gopro pissed of the ama and this is the result

  14. It only takes 7 pounds of pressure to snap a neck at the right spot. I don’t like it but I understand it. Should the camera and mount get caught on something while taking a digger it could potentially cause harm to the cervical spine.

  15. This is the same AMA which fights AGAINST mandatory helmet usage laws. So they’re against required helmet usage, but if you do wear one – you can’t have a small camera attached with sticky tape. Stupid.

  16. This is absolutely rediculus!!! Several years ago my under aged daughter during a race was attacked and her nose broken by a grown man she was passing. Because of the GoPro footage, not only was the man charged, but he too lost his AMA card. This behavior had happened multiple times to other people’s kids and wives during the race but nothing ever happened due to no evidence. The use of the GoPro not only protected my daughter but also brought justice to those before her and protected those after due to this individual could not race anymore! Racing is taking a risk every time we put that helmet on and a risk we the racer are willing to take. The use of the GoPro provides entertainment for the family to watch after the race, is used for training purposes, limits other from cheating, and protects the rider from abuse!!!! We have been racing now for approximately 15 years with NO incident due to using a GoPro other than it protecting my daughter from abuse!!!!

  17. Is a neck brace(remember those) going to be banned next? I see they have started to make helmets that neck braces won’t fit,,,,hmmmmm

  18. By this same logic, you shouldn’t be able to strap goggles to your helmet nor paint them as that alters the original state. This is an absolutely useless rule and should not be enforced, especially considering it only applies to amateur riders. What kind of example does that set, allowing certain groups of riders to do something while barring others?
    Fun fact, OSHA specifies that hard hats shall not be painted, yet you’ll be hard pressed to go on any job site and see that rule enforced.

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