Helmet Cameras ARE NOT Banned From Pro Racing in the U.S.

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It’s only Wednesday and the damn Internet has Slaw all hot and bothered. It’s about Claw time and it’s only 2:00 p.m.

So, the AMA on Monday announced a new rule banning helmet cams and other accessories from ALL AMATEUR RACING beginning in 2021. Please note the bold words: AMATEUR RACING.

We even wrote an article about it.

In the article, it should be noted, that it says, in BOLD: The rule DOES NOT apply to professional AMA events.


Here is the new rule if you missed it:

All helmets must be intact and no modification may be made to their construction that alters the helmet from the condition it was tested and approved. The helmet is made to provide protection and is not a platform to attach foreign objects. For example, cameras or other accessories are NOT permitted to be attached to the rider’s helmet.

Somehow, this has gotten twisted into helmet cams are banned from pro racing. THEY ARE NOT.

Here are the rules regarding helmet cams for pro racing:


Rant over!

Main image: Mike Vizer


  1. This makes me sick. One reason is because people literally took a written post and twisted the words somehow. The second reason being, ama takes the enjoyment and fun out of every little thing that makes us riders happy. Why do pros get to run helmet cams when their crashes are 10 times harder than an amateur crash at higher speeds and rougher conditions yet an average joe and amateur pro can’t record their racing because a thin plastic mount jeopardizes the structural integrity of the helmet… yeah effing right? Those mounts snap off the moment they feel pressure. Next thing you know ama is going to ban helmet visors because they have a possibility to dig into the dirt or some bull crap reason.

  2. This wont stand scrutiny without clarification…too many grey areas and too many mounts. Never been a fan of the traditional top mount as a woods racer…. it is dangerous. However, just put an initial box on the waiver and let people make their own life choices.

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