Haiden Deegan Suffers Mechanical In First Moto at Unadilla

Massive shakeup in the 250 championship in the first moto today at round 9 at Unadilla. 

Hunter Lawrence entered the afternoon with a slim three point lead over Haiden Deegan. Hunter got a terrible start in the moto while Deegan was losing ground early. 

Lawrence passed Deegan and then the rookie found his stride and the duo made their way to second and third late in the moto. 

With just two laps remaining, Deegan suffered a mechanical while running third and was credited with 38th. 

Lawrence finished second to race winner Levi Kitchen and now holds a 25 point lead over Deegan. 

Main image: Yamaha


  1. Should get him a Honda ride. Yamaha can’t stay together when pushed and you’re not gona touch those Lawrence bros w inferior machinery!

  2. Thomas you obviously don’t know anything about motocross bikes, especially Yamahas. They have been one of the most reliable motorcycles ever made. OMG Go back to coloring books. I’m sure you’re better at that. Hopefully your crayons won’t break

  3. Damn these yamahas cant seem to make it when pushed. Happened to a few guys now in the past couple years.

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