Clueless: Unadilla

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There hasn’t been an AMA National in a while, but it didn’t take long to remember exactly where we’d left off…

-Is it even a 450 race unless…

-Jett gets the holeshot and goes on to win

-Chase moves into second place quickly, before crashing at least once

-Ferrandis gets a bad start and has to work his way through the pack

-AC, Anderson, Pless will finish 1min+ after them, in no particular order

-RC mis-pronounces a name

-Unadilla is a beautiful facility

-I’m not saying one riding style is better than another, but I think the style of the guy who is unbeaten, is the better one

-They have cameras in the pits to see riders putting their goggles on, but following the most talked about 250 rookie in the history of the sport after he DNFs…nahhhh

-Quantity is not the same as quality… people deciding to have 15 commentators need to remember this

-This also applies to the number of riders on a gate, which then turn into lappers

-Pumped that Tanel Leok scored points

-Swapping it around so that the snoozefest 450s got the primetime TV slot seems counterintuitive to me

-Harri Kullas is a good starter

-Congrats Jett on winning the championship

Main image: MX Sports/Align Media


  1. Just like nascar, past drivers and crew chiefs make horrible announcers. Just as the case with sx. Can’t stand listening to Ricky Carmichael rambling on and on.

Written by Coney Island Dog

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