“I Like the Controversy, That’s Sweet.” Deegan Goes From Complimenting Hymas to Throwing Him Under the Bus On the Podium

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Love him or hate him, Star Racing Yamaha’s Haiden Deegan doesn’t care. He says what he wants, when he wants, and he’s not out there to make friends. He just wants to win.

“I like the controversy, that’s sweet,” Deegan said in the press conference when asked about whether or not he ever gets spoken to by his team or sponsors on his comments.”If I can, after every race, get the people talking, then why not? Especially when you’re winning you can back it up. It would be a different story if I couldn’t back up my talk. But, since I can back it up, I feel like I have a right to say what I want on the mic sometimes.”

Oh, Danger Boy, we love it too. I know that on Monday mornings that I can find great quotes from you to use for columns for this here website. So, keep on saying what is on your mind, okay?

Here’s a great example on how Deegan keeps things spicy. Last week after the second Moto at Thunder Valley, Deegan gave HRC Honda’s Chance Hymas a compliment in the press conference.

“Chance is riding very well, I didn’t have the speed in that second Moto for him, but we ended up getting the overall.” Deegan said.

Then after a big come from behind win in the first Moto at High Point, Deegan threw Hymas under the bus on the podium. I mean he just went right to it.

“I got cut off on the start by Chance,” Deegan said. “I know, I get it, he thinks that he has a chance, so I had to show him that he doesn’t that Moto.”

Had Deegan never had said anything like this before, we would have just assumed that he was caught up in the moment and maybe he felt confident up there knowing JT’s biceps could have fended off anyone angered by these comments. But, this is a casual Saturday for Deegs and to be honest we’re encouraging more riders to say whatever they want as well. He’s asserting himself as the alpha when he says what he wants and backs it up.

Say what you want about Deegan, but he’s making the sport interesting and he’s getting people to talk about him…and write about him, for more than just winning.

Oh, and as far as whether or not he gets told to tone it down or not, Deegan added this.

“I’m an adult now, obviously my dad is Metal Mulisha, so he doesn’t really care.”


Deegan went 1-2 for second overall at High Point and holds a 32-point lead over Hymas in the standings.We’re onto Southwick after a weekend off.

Main Image: Octopi Media


  1. He is a 18 year old kid most definitely and has grown into a bigger Crybaby…
    (“18 year old adults are fighting and or serving in our military so golden spoon fed Crybabies like him can ride their dirtbikes freely!!!”)

  2. Deegan risks his kife everytime9 he goes that fast on his motocross bike he gets the biggest air of anybody if it’s a big jump and it is hardly ever been done he’s going to do it he’s going to risk it all for the fans and to win just like in war do not underestimate this young man you’re not speak of him in that way as disrespectful silver spoon whatever you said it’s not true and it’s not right get some class and a brain and be nice to Hayden then you call me what you want cuz I think you’re punk but anyway have a good day

  3. @Christopher W darling…
    Are you comparing Deegan “risking his life evertime he goes that fast” to our soilders? Bruh you need to wake up, this kid rides for our entertainment, the solders fight for our freedom. You can support your entertainment all day, I will support my freedom. I agree with Jimi, kid better be good, daddy is in the game and has all the contacts kid has had the silver spoon, he will fade there is always someone better, like Travis Pastrana was to the metal mulisha crew. They hadin image and tried to punk everyone, Pastrana dunked them and made them fade away…..

  4. After Deegan wins this Championship I feel bad for Ster Racing because they are going to have to give the boot to Eli or Webb… Both are so good but past their prime. They will need someone to give Jett “The business” on and off the track! Like him or not, he is here to stay.

    Or, another scenario, which would be epic, would be Deegan waiting another year and signing with Ducati, Ducati would love the exposure and Deegan would eat up the Ducatista, and they ,him! Brian, if you are reading this, get on it!

  5. He’s a snotty nosed big mouth punk. Just like his Dad and fish lip mother. He can ride but humilaty goes a long way.

Written by Troy Dog

Faster than Slaw Dog. Editor-in-Chief

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