Most Likely: Is This Most Likely the Summer of Justin Hill??? Plus More!

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Each week, Slaw, Troy, Ginger Dog, and Denny Stephenson will come up with some topics and then list the riders most likely to accomplish those feats. Hence the title “Most Likely”. Most would call us brilliant.

Is Cade Clason most likely to finish both motos IN the points?

Ginger Dog: Did he make the drive in? I don’t even know what Cade is doing. Where does he even live? What is his life? I hope he destroys everyone. So we are going POINTS. Ruin them sir 

T-Dog: It’s going to be hot and a suffer fest for our Supercross friend Cade…but I have faith that he won’t. He can do one Moto no problem, But, this is a guy who hasn’t raced an outdoor in two years. It hasn;t gone that well. I know he will be able to get points in both Motos soon, he’s great at outdoors, he jus needs to find the flow.

Is Chase Sexton most likely to bounce back and battle for both moto wins?

Ginger Dog: I want him to, but he needs to get mad. Ride mad = win 

T-Dog: I want to be honest with you guys…I was riding Sexton’s bike last weekend. He’s back in at High Point and he will be back to his normal shenanigans.

Is Haiden Deegan most likely to win four overalls in a row?

Ginger: Podium for sure.

T-Dog: Yeah, he’s sending it to another level at this point. I can’t see the other guys going as hard as he is right now. Vialle will be hard to beat though.

Is Triumph most likely to get a podium at High Point?

Ginger Dog: 

Have to fly. 

Have to fight.

Have to crow 

Hookies back


T-Dog: G-Dog may be on to something here with Swoll. He’s won a moto here in the past…

Is the TV crew most likely to do interviews during the National Anthem again?

Ginger Dog: Give girly pop a break okay? She’s a foreigner to these here lands.

Also. Why is it an American thing to get people with accents to announce sporting events? I simply do not understand. I suppose us ‘mericans like it when things sound fancy

T-Dog: IDK man, but AP gave me something to write about Monday morning, so thank you all for reading this masterpiece.

Other than Deegan, who will be the top finishing Star Racing rider at High Point?

Ginger Dog: Can we just take a moment of silence to acknowledge that Star Racing is stacked. I don’t even want to pick at this point. Pick a card, any card. 

T-Dog: Jordon Smith! The guys has been good so far AND we’re heading into dirt that he’s more comfortable on.

Three rounds in, who is most likely to win the 250MX rookie of the year award?

Ginger Dog: Fineis and Ferb

T-Dog: Juju.

Is this most likely the summer of Justin Hill???

Ginger Dog: Did they let him keep the handcuffs? Just wondering 

T-Dog: Who knew that he was racing every round???? Yes, Justin Hill the outdoor specialist!

Main Image: Octopi Media

Written by Troy Dog

Faster than Slaw Dog. Editor-in-Chief

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