Dirtbikes are Dope Shred Tour | More Dates and Locations Announced

We are one round down of the Dirtbikes are Dope Shred Tour and we’re already blown away by the response. We would have been happy if 200 riders showed up to our first stop at NxtLvl101, instead we had over 1,000 heads through the gate and 600 practice sign ups over two days. For that, all we can say is: THANK YOU! What an amazing response from the moto community!

If you didn’t know, the Shred Tour is our way of not only giving back to the local moto communities across the country (note we have 10 more coming your way in the months to come, plus the tried-and-true Vurb Classic race), but it’s also our way to give our sponsors an avenue to connect with the grassroots core of our sport. This ain’t an amateur national, or even an AMA event, it’s a ride day (or weekend, rather) where we rip bikes, slam a few ice-cold cruisers, light a bonfire and enjoy the best sport in the world. Oh, and give away a ridiculous amount of swag and prizes from the amazing companies that support these things.

Have a track we should hit up? Drop a comment below.

We’re ramping up the schedule for future dates now and are stoked to head over to our friends the McWilliams track at Millcreek in Alabama March 13-14. If you’re heading from Daytona in route to the Texas Nationals, stop by and hang out. We’ll be giving away tons of swag from our sponsors, along with another guest appearance from The Rippa, Jimmy D. Think you can hang with the legendary 125cc shredder?! We don’t. But hey, we went out of business once, so it’s not like we’re always right. So grab an old lawn mower gas can, mix 4 oz. to the gallon, let that sweet smell of two smoke fill your lungs and head out to Millcreek for a shot at the king. 

On April 24-25, we are going to the beautiful Riverside Raceway in Winterset, Iowa. After that, we’ll… we’re not sure yet, but expect more announcements soon. What we do have confirmed is on July 17-18, we’re heading to DannyStuDog’s amazing MX207 track in Lyman, Maine. You won’t want to miss that.

To all those who attended our first tour stop, we want to thank you. All funds from these events go directly back into the company to help produce more content, buy more beer and help promote and grow the sport. We’ll have more details coming soon, so make sure to refresh this site and our social channels 1000 times a day. Thanks!

2021 Dirtbikes are Dope Shred Tour Dates and Locations

Round 2March 13-14MillcreekPell City, AL
Round 3April 24-25Riverside RacewayWinterset, IA
Round 4MayTBATBA
Round 5JuneTBATBA
Round 6JulyMX207Lyman, ME


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