Slawdictions for Ironman: Hunter Gets It Done

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We did it! Another season down and Slaw was here with you for it all. Slinging out hot takes for the entire 11 rounds of Pro Motocross. Thank you all for reading all season, even Troy Dog.

Let’s review Budds before we get into the season finale at Ironman.

FYI: I’ll review these next week because I’m sure they will be fire as usual.

Cochran Top 7 In Debut

JuJu Top 10 in Debut

Finies Top 15 in Debut

I’m grouping all these together because they are all under the KTM Group wing. The boys had DB on VRB this week and it was great insight. I’m stoked to see all these dudes and have put my amazing predictions above.

One out of three ain’t bad. Thanks JuJu for saving my bun. I will repay the favor at some point.

Slawdiction: 4 out of 10.

Jett Stays Perfect

Championship out of the way, now he can just focus on being perfect. He stays that way this weekend.

I have believed in Jett all year long. Some of use have not. Just sayin.

Slawdiction: 100 out of 10.

Deegan Bounces Back

Tough break for the Deegs last weekend. While he may be out of the title chase, I think he still is driven to win. He gets at least a moto win this weekend.

Doesn’t count. Glad Hardy Dog is doing okay. That was a nasty crash.

Slawdiction: Incomplete.

On to Ironman, the Crown Jewel of the series.

Jett Complete Perfect Season

I don’t recall how old James and RC were when they did it (twice in RC’s case) but pretty sure they weren’t a 20-year-old (19 most of the season) rookie. Historic season for Jett ends in another 1-1 season for only the fourth time in HISTORY.

Hunter Wraps It Up

What a season for Honda, the Lawrence bros and Sexton. If Hunter clinches this weekend, Honda will have won EVERY major AMA title this season. It’s never happened. EVER. (I don’t think.) What a way to erase the curse of the GOAT.

AP Podium

Ironman may burn down if AP wins, but I think AP loves Ironman too much to let that happen so he just gets a podium and that place goes nuts.

Cooper Goes 1-1

Justin Cooper has been firing on all cylinders lately. He still has a chance at this title and I think Hunter will be in safe mode so Cooper goes 1-1 to end the year.

Dax Podium

I’m going out on a bun on this one but hot damn, we’ve seen some crazy stuff at the finale and I like this pick.

Main image: Honda HRC

Written by Slaw Dog

Just a dog trying to find my special bun.

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