Clueless: Daytona

Anyone have a severe case of déjà vu when watching this year’s Daytona? Obviously we know that the track was the same, but even the Webb/Tomac battle seemed very 2022-esq… not that I’m complaining about that.

– Could they find a camera further away for the start of these races?

– It is seriously ridiculous how they won’t use a shot where you can actually tell who is who out the gate

– I REALLY like James Stewart in the booth

– Anyone else get excited when they see Barcia and Anderson next to each other on the leaderboard

– Although the same can be said for Barcia and anyone

– And Sexton really started poking that bear

– Probably in the minority, but I’m burnt out on the burnouts

– I’d be perfectly OK if they did another PR stating the brand new Daytona 2024 track was the same as this 2023 track

– Which was the same as the 2022 track

– Don’t worry James, you’re not the only one who’ll be glad if Eli passes you, if it means we never have to hear about his win’s total midway through a race ever again

– I loved the line of the guy who just went round the entire first section in the 250 race

– Once again, pass over to Will, something exciting happens

– Daytona was not kind to the French

– If Ando makes Hunter’s pass, does he get suspended?

– Not sure if people are aware of this Haiden Deegan kid, but he seems legit

Main image: Kawasaki

Written by Coney Island Dog

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TL;DR: Tomac Passes the GOAT; Sexton and Barcia Talk; RC Graduates and More