Punday Monday: Brotherly Love, Hunter Joins Jett with a Statement-making Daytona win

Punday Monday brought to you by Teenior Citizen™, the perfect blend of Dad jokes and a teenager’s childlike humor.

Welcome to the eighth ever (weekly) Vurbmoto Punday Monday, where we have enlisted the help of the two puniest dudes we know: Randy “FMIP” Richardson and Dylan “Chicago Dog” Jackson.

Each week, Randy and C Dog will put together their punniest headlines from around the world of supercross/motocross.

We will post said puns on this website. Want to join in on the action: drop a comment below.


-Tomac Sails to Victory as Sexton Ship Continues to Take On Water 

-Boy, these 250 guys may be in Danger

-Tomac ties some NASCAR racer’s “petty” Daytona win record

Chi Dog’s:

-Hay-tona! Deegan finds his first career podium in the sands of Daytona SX

-Tomac Razzle-Dazzles the crowd en route to his seventh Daytona win, putting him one win behind JS7 for all-time.

-Bamnit! Barcia tastes his own medicine with two heavy doses of Sexton at Daytona 

-Brotherly Love: Hunter joins Jett with a statement-making Daytona win

-French toast! Ferrandis out again after gnarly crash on Friday

Main image: Honda HRC

Written by Chicago Dog

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