5 Things We Learned at Daytona Supercross

Five Things We Learned…is a new-ish installment to the Vurb line of race coverage. It’s a quick hitting piece where I break down five trending topics from the weekend. We’ll put facts behind what happened and break down how it will play out. As always, please feel free to give your thoughts on these topics in the comment section. If you’d like to discuss any of these topics further or have a question for me you can reach me at [email protected]

Haidan Deegan’s First Podium (Of Many)

I’ve written it before, but I’ll write it again. Haiden Deegan is a special talent that will go on to great things in this sport. The 17-year-old has gone 4-4-8-3 in his first four supercross races. The eighth came at the Triple Crown where one bad Crown race happened and he was still impressive with a 15-5-4. He’s the top Star Racing Yamaha rider and sits third in points. In comparison to Jett Lawrence’s first four SX races where he went 9-5-9-11, I’d say Deegs is in some great company. Let’s see how he can build off of his first podium at Indy.

Thrasher’s Result Won’t Show How Well He Was Riding

Thrasher was looking good up front early in the main event…for the first couple of turns. Then he ended up on the ground and about last. He put on a charge before having a HUGE crash in a rhythm lane. He got back up, kept charging, and finished tenth. Thrasher, who has the speed to win every week, has now had two bad races and now finds himself 29 points down to Hunter Lawrence. He can still play the spoiler and win at any time, but this Daytona result hurt. 


What a night, what a race, what a career for Eli Tomac! A seventh Daytona win is a record that I don’t think will ever be beaten. How special was it that the stars aligned to pass Ricky Carmichael in all-time Supercross wins on the same night he won his seventh Daytona? We’re starting to see some stat padding here in Tomac’s Star Racing run and James Stewart’s 50 wins will fall to third overall in a couple of weeks. Sure, Tomac is now in for the Pro Motocross, but what about 2024 SX? If he keeps this pace up he might as well see how close he can get to MC. 

Barcia Vs. Sexton

Oh man, Barcia was not happy with Sexton after the race. I feel bad for Sexton in this scenario because now his head will have to be on a swivel the rest of the season for repayment from the #51. Barcia is like the character Greg from the movie Superbad when Seth and Evan go tell him to go pee his pants again. Greg says, “That was 8 years ago,” and then Seth replies, “People don’t forget!” Barcia doesn’t forget and methinks that Sexton should show up to Indy with rearview mirrors, just in case. 

P5-P22 in the 450 Class

Hey, shoutout to everyone in the 450 main who finished outside of the top four. We never saw or heard any mention of any of you on the broadcast, except for maybe Hampshire for one second. It was a great race for the win and podium, don’t get me wrong, but so much happened with everyone else. Justin Cooper had his best 450 finish in sixth. Christian Craig had another top ten…in tenth. Dean Wilson is starting to come alive with an 11th and his best race of the season. Justin Hill had another solid finish in 12th. The 21-year-old 450 rookie who went from last to a transfer spot in the heat finished a career best 14th in the main. His name is Grant Harlan, but the coverage doesn’t showcase 450 rookies this season for some reason. Benny “The Barber” Bloss crashed on the last lap in the sand and finished 16th. Josh “Data Dog” Cartwright finished 17th. Justin Starling, who has a bad knee right now, gutted out a $4K win at theTampa Pro Open on Friday night then finished 18th in Daytona. Also, that’s two main events in a row for Logan Karnow. 

See you in Indy. 

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