Unquotables, Daytona: Eli’s Just So Damn Good Here

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Round 8 of Monster Energy AMA Supercross was held this past weekend in Daytona. And while there were a TON of great quotes during the press conference and such, we went deeper. And got things riders 100000000 PERCENT DID NOT SAY.

Without further ado, these are things that definitely WERE NOT said by the riders or personnel after the eighth round of the 2023 Monster Energy Supercross Championship, but we all know they were thinking it.

Justin Barcia: “Chase made some legitimate errors, and did nothing wrong trying to rectify them afterwards. I was just an unfortunate bystander, caught up innocently in his mistakes.”

Wall Jump: “I have no idea why I’m here. I contribute nothing.”

Eli Tomac: “I like Daytona.”

Track Crew: “We are actually going to just leave the track in this position until March 2024. I don’t think anyone else uses this stadium so we should be all good.”

Hunter Lawrence: “Racing is much easier when the only guy who can beat you is on the ground.”

Nate Thrasher: “I really regret going around the outside of the second turn of the race. I should have known better.”

Ken Roczen: “I figured if I rode Suzuki, I’d get some recognition, but I don’t think anyone noticed I rode the main event at all.”

Truck Driver: “Thankfully we only have to drive to Indianapolis this week.”

Cooper Webb: “Eli’s just so damn good here.” (Ed note: Ummm…he actually said this)

Dylan Ferrandis: “This comeback definitely did not go to plan.”

Main image: KTM

Written by Coney Island Dog

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