Most Likely: Is Weege Most Likely to Put Up More Two Stroke/Creed Videos? Plus More!

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Each week, Slaw, Troy, and Denny Stephenson will come up with some topics and then list the riders most likely to accomplish those feats. Hence the title “Most Likely”. Most would call us brilliant.

Which rider (or former rider)  is most likely to win in a Spelling Bee? Alex Ray or Logan Karnow?

Slaw Dog: This is like MC vs RC or Stew vs RC…. close battle. Now that A-Ray is corpo and working at O’Neal, I feel his spelling has probably improved vastly. I’ll go A-Ray by a hair.

T-Dog: This is the hardest question that I’ve ever had to answer in my life and I’ve taken some pretty difficult math classes (and French class in high school, but that’s a story for a different day). I think Karnow would take the W on this one though. He had to lock down his deals somehow, so maybe when it came time to write the proposal he turned into a spelling champion?

DBO: Spelling Bee? What are they 12? Both of them flip the table. Destroy the hotel’s convention center. And meet up at the closest strip club for a shot of Hennessy & a cold beer.

ALL TIED UP! Who is most likely to win the 450SX Championship?

Slaw Dog: I already wrote about this TROY!

T-Dog: Yes, Slaw I did as well. This 450SX championship is going to go down to the finale, so WE need to talk about it in EVERY FEATURE! MY rules! I’m going with the man that I never counted out of this championship. Cooper Webb is going to win his third Chip.

DBO: It’s Coop’s time. The meltdown is in. And it reeks of salty tears & Vegemite.

Who is the most likely to win the 250SX Showdown?

Slaw Dog: This might be the best race of the season. Shocking what happens when the best 250 riders are on the track at the same time. Kitchen is cooking right now, so I’ll go with him. 

T-Dog: Usually something crazy happens in these things, so I’m going to go with a dark horse. Nate Thrasher will take the win and take valuable points away from both coasts and their championship chases.

DBO: Kitchen keeps on cuisson Chef Ramsay style. And no. It’s not “Kitch”.

Which coast is most likely to be the superior at the Showdown?

Slaw Dog: 2-Pac vs Biggie on steroids. West is the best this weekend. 

T-Dog: The West is best, despite Max Anstie riding well again on the East. The trio of RJ Hampshire, Levi Kitchen, and Jordon Smith is too much heat.

DBO: Crazier things have happened. But I’m expecting another first turn yard sale of epic proportions. Leaves half the pack on the ground & stacked up against the padded wall. East riders fill 3 of the top 5 & 6 of the top 10.

Which rider is most likely to wear a cowboy fit now that Aaron Plessinger is out? 

Slaw Dog: DeanO is back and will be rocking a cowboy hat this weekend. 10000% stamped. 

T-Dog: Yeah, Dean-O basically confirmed this to me on Wednesday night. He’s going to Tractor Supply again and he’s going to wear a crop top as well. I respect the man.

DBO: Malcolm goes all Beyonce in a cowboy hat & rhinestones.

Which upcoming amateur rider, not in the A class right now, are you most likely to sign to a pro deal?

Slaw Dog: Man, this is tough. I’ll go with one of the Gibson’s, I feel like there is five of them, so hedging my bets.

T-Dog: This is easy. I’m going with the newest phenom in the sport, Kentucky’s own Wyatt Duff. He’s from my neck of the woods here and KY breeds champions, like me. Duff is going to be tough at Loretta Lynn’s this season and for the rest of his career. WE are ready.

DBO: I’m not signing any B riders these days. Hell, I’ll hire the kid who’s going the fastest on the most beat bike. That’s the kid who’s gonna work the hardest & deliver. Not the 14 or 15 year old already in the semi.

Would Ricky Carmichael most likely have gone 24-0 in 2002 if he would have stayed at Kawasaki?

Slaw Dog: Maybe? Probably? That was so long ago Den Dog was still rocking at Havasu. I literally forget who would beat him, so I’ll say yes.

T-Dog: Yes, he most likely would have went 24-0. I looked up what he won in 2001 and it was eight out of 12 rounds. He had an issue on Mt. St. Helens at the opener where he fell down the hill, he finished fifth in a moto at High Point, and found K-Dub at Washougal. K-Dub and Sebastien Tortelli were strong in 2001, but were not the same riders or injured in 2002. Let my best buddy D-Bo explain the rest…

DBO: Yes. RC was rolling & 2002 wasn’t necessarily a murderers row that season. The GOAT won the title over RedDog by 260 points. Which is a 10.8 points per moto advantage. Meaning, Ferry averaged around a 7th over the 24 moto season. Ricky could have been on a green bicycle & gone 24 & oh.

Which rider is most likely to go to a Taylor Swift concert?

Slaw Dog: Christian Craig by a mile!

T-Dog: Benny Bloss is the biggest Swiftie ever and it’s disgusting.

DBO: Nicoletti in disguise. Dressed like Matthes in cargo shorts & a Renthal tee.

Is Weege most likely to put more weird two stroke singing videos out?


T-Dog: I’ve had six nightmares this week based off of this video alone. I can’t sleep anymore, man. Every time that I close my eyes I see him. I just have to keep reminding me that it’s all in my head and that he can’t hurt me.

DBO: That was beyond bizarre. Did you see the crazy in his eyes? Last time I saw that kind of madness they had a knife in their hand. Too soon?

Who are you most likely to miss more from racing, Phil Nicoletti or Adam Cianciarulo?

Slaw Dog: Both? I’m going to miss both for very different reasons. They both bring so much to the sport and we need people to immediately take their place with their off the track and on the track stuff.

T-Dog: I’m going to miss them both. I’ll probably miss AC more, since I don’t have to worry about him yelling at me from time to time. I think Phil and I will stay pretty close when he heads off into the sunset. This retirement thing will be good for Phil. Maybe he will have more time to contribute to our site?

DBO: Let’s not forget Dean Wilson as well. I’m pretty sure he is wrapping things up after SLC. I think all three have been tremendous for the sport. Roll out with their health. A smile. And their middle fingers in the air.

Written by Troy Dog

Faster than Slaw Dog. Editor-in-Chief

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