FAST Tuesday at Fox Raceway

Mainly because I don’t pay attention what is happening in our niche little world of dirt scooters, I had no idea until recently that Tuesdays at Fox Raceway was dubbed “Fast Tuesday.” I’ve spent the last 13 years working full-time in this industry and, while I hate to be one of those people, I have no choice but to say it: back in my day, we just called it Tuesdays at Milestone and Thursdays at Glen Helen. But, now the sport has officially claimed Tuesday to be faaaaaaaaaaaaaaassssssstttttttttttttttttt. So, I shall do my best to embrace the change.

Enough about my ignorance. We spent a little bit of time at Fox Raceway for, yes, Fast Tuesday, pointing the motion camera at whoever was out there. This is a raw clip of some of that action, which includes (we think) some comedy in our words. Adam Cianciarulo, Max Vohland, Aaron Plessinger, Jett Reynolds, Dilan Schwartz, Gavin Towers, and many more make an appearance in this rawness of a video.

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