5 Things You Probably Didn’t Notice at Hangtown

We’ve been here before

If you’re reading this, there is a fair chance you were not born, let alone a fan of motocross, when the AMA Pro Motocross Championship first rolled into Hangtown in 1974. Hangtown has been a fixture on the series for 50 years and was only left off the schedule due to a global pandemic in 2020. Back in 1974, Bill Grossi out of Santa Cruz, California aboard an HRC factory bike took the win in what is now known as the 450 Class. Fifty years later, Jett Lawrence matched that same feat with a 1-1 performance of his own.

Hard to beat that

When Jett Lawrence crossed the finish line for the last time this past Saturday, he became just the second athlete in AMA Pro Motocross since 2004 to lead every lap of the first two rounds. The first ride to accomplish that milestone was James Stewart in 2008. Those were the first motos of what would become just the third perfect season in motocross history. Can Jett go 22-0 for a perfect season of his own? Let us know in the comments below.

10 for 10

In the 450 class, combined timing and scoring shows us that all 10 of the top times were recorded from the second timed practice session. This isn’t overly surprising as during the first session the track if wetter and the lines haven’t been set in. Fredrick Noren was the top qualifying privateer qualifying sixth but stood a full four seconds behind the 19-year-old Jett Lawrence.

No points no love

In motocross, every moto scores championship points going back to 20th. Going 21-21 is the best you can do and still come away empty handed. The best placing rider in the 450 class who didn’t score any points unfortunately was our buddy, and fan favourite, Alex Ray. You’d think that 23-21 might land you around 22nd overall but with 26 different riders scoring at least one point, A-Ray was bumped back to 27th on the day. For those wondering, Slade Smith had the same kind of day in the 250 Class as 26-21 moto scores left him with no points for his efforts. We salute these guys because you’ve got to have the heart of a lion to fight that hard and come away empty handed.

Get knocked down 7 times, get up 8

To say the beginning of Caden Braswell’s pro career is off to a rocky start would be putting it nicely. Since capturing the 2022 Horizon Award at last year’s Loretta Lynn’s Amateur National Championships, this young man has eaten the entire humble pie and came back for more. Two corners into the second moto at Hangtown, Caden sound himself on the ground next to Jeremy Martin’s dislocated wrist. After a 27th in moto one, many would pack it in but not Caden Braswell who made passes consistently throughout the race to finish 16th. While not a result you’ll write home about (who writes letters these days?) but the fashion in which he got there deserve a standing ovation.

Main image: Honda HRC

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  1. 50 + years and not 1 fkn tree has been planted. Just think how well forested it would be if some one took the initiative. I think they warm the air for hell there. Saw people packing up after 250 moto1. At the end of each moto more and more people left. From heat and lack of competition . Svra please make some shade and not the 250.00 ripoff seats in the covered bleacher section. Then again 250.00 is a lot cheaper than a heat stroke

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