Ricky Carmichael Talks Favorite Riding Styles and Jett Lawrence | Winner’s Take Y’all Ep5

This weeks episode of the Pulitzer Prize winning Winner’s Take Y’all features Ricky Carmichael as our guest. It only seemed fitting to have the GOAT on himself to talk about who many see as the next GOAT, Jett Lawrence.

Ricky also talks about his favorite riding styles both past and present (one of RC’s faves raced on three wheels!). We are all over the place as Ricky recalls sweating Mike Brown when he visited Muddy Creek and team chemistry when you have two alpha males under one semi.

We also rank the worst riding form and we speak from experience as I will put our group up collectively against any other podcast as the worst form in the history of motocross podcast hosts.

Listen to the episode below or search the Vurbmoto Podcast Network to listen to this episode and much more.

Main image: Triumph

Written by Kevin Kelly

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