2-Strokes Rule the World | Maxima Racing Oils 927 Day

Maxima celebrates the heart-pounding world of Maxima Racing Oils and our iconic, Castor 927 Two-Stroke oil, which fueled the triumphs of motocross legends like Ricky Carmichael and master mechanics like Pro Circuit’s Mitch Payton.

927 Day, is a day of remembrance tributed to Castor 927 Two-Stroke oil and the golden era of two-stroke motocross.

At the heart of this era was Maxima Racing Oils, Castor 927 Two-Stroke oil a product that became synonymous with unmatched performance and reliability. This high-performance oil was the secret weapon of champions and played a crucial role in helping these legends secure their victories.

Maxima Racing Oils was born out of a passion for excellence and innovation.
Founded by avid motocross enthusiasts, Maxima set out on a mission to create the best performance oils for two-stroke engines.

Legends like Ron Lechien embraced Castor 927, trusting it to deliver the power and reliability they needed to conquer the toughest tracks and dominate their rivals. Castor 927 was more than just an oil – it became a symbol of the motocross community’s passion and dedication to pushing the boundaries of speed and performance.

To honor the legacy of Castor 927 and pay tribute to the motocross icons of the past, Maxima introduced 927 Day – a day dedicated to celebrating the spirit of two-stroke machines and the camaraderie of the riding community. Join us as Maxima celebrate 927 Day, with riders from all over the world gather to share their love for two-stroke engines, remember the legends of the sport, and create new memories together. Let’s all get out and ride!

So here’s to Maxima Racing Oils, Castor 927, and all the legends who rode into history on the back of a two-stroke machine.

Happy 927 Day!

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