5 Things We Learned at Mini O’s | Friday

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Slaw Dog and Troy Dog

So I’m a day late on this but I think it needs to be talked about. Earlier this week Slaw and Troy dropped their top 5 power rankings for Thanksgiving day sides. (Use code vurb20 at checkout to save money on your next Guts Racing order.) Now I normally agree with these guys, but man do I think they have this one wrong. Who in the right mind thinks stuffing is better than mashed potatoes? Stuffing. Who wakes up Thanksgiving day and goes yep, I can’t wait to eat stuffing? No one that’s who. Now I’ve read the comments and I think we can all agree that mashed potatoes are the GOAT of Thanksgiving sides and there really is no discussion about it. Mashed taters on top! 

Here’s the real rankings. 

  1. Mashed Potatoes
  2. Mac N Cheese
  3. Crescent Rolls
  4. Deviled Eggs
  5. Stuffing

Rain Part 2

As we woke up to a steady light rain and consi racing starting first thing, I knew this was gonna make things interesting. With only three laps and minimal spots to transfer and a very slick track, this was gonna be a dog fight. These races were all about who can keep the power to the ground and stay on the bike. With the track now being super slick, I’m interested to see how the track will shape up. I’ll report on track conditions later. 


With the announcement of the WMX Championship coming back to the US, I figured there’s no better time than to cover the WMX class. While you might think this is a class you don’t want to watch, well let me tell you first hand, you’re wrong. These women provided some of the best racing of the week in my opinion. The battles were insane. The battles between Kyleigh Stallings, Lotte Van Drunen, Jordan Jarvis, Hannah Hodges and Mayla Herrick were awesome. I’m pumped up to see what is to come of this WMX series. 

Janes Donuts

Man, is there anything better than a hot donut in the morning? Well, today I got to experience the amazingness everyone has been telling me about. These sweet little cinnamon sugar donuts are taking the spot for #1 food at Mini O’s. So if you haven’t gotten to experience these, get over there or put it on your list for next year. 

Jaxon Pascal

I got to meet Jaxon and his dad today and got to talk to them for a few minutes. Jaxon and his dad were some of the nicest people I had met and a pleasure to talk too. Jaxon had said he was feeling good on the bike and loving the rough conditions. He had an 8th today in the 250 Pro Sport, but he feels like he has more in the tank. Pascal was not on my list of riders but he has surprised me. Jaxon is still looking for his break out ride and if the conditions stay like they have been and a solid start, Jaxon could be the guy to shake things up for his last two classes. 

5 Things We Learned at Mini O’s | Thursday

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