5 Things We Learned at Mini O’s | Thursday

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The Track

Rough and gnarly. That’s the only way to describe this track throughout the week. Some of these ruts are waist deep on 65 riders. I’m not sure I’ve seen a track get so rough. Hell, if they threw a couple trees and water crossings out there you’d think it’s a GNCC race. So if you’re watching and you think the track looks rough, just know a camera does not do the roughness justice on the track.

Noah Smerdon

The Australian has been on the gas the last two days. He won his moto in Collegboy and had three top 5’s in his other classes. Noah seems to show a liking to the super rough conditions, so if the track keeps shaping up the way it has, Smerdon could be taking home a title. 


I feel like these ruts need their own section. I mean they are insane. The track shapes up like a pro national, maybe a tad rougher. There isn’t a section of this track that doesn’t have a rut in it. Not only are the ruts deep, but it’s got a lot of rocks making certain sections slick. If it keeps shaping up this way man things are gonna get super interesting. 

2 Strokes

One thing that I’ve learned this week is that the sweet sound of a 2 stroke never gets old. Waking up at 6 a.m. getting to the track and hearing those 2 smokers coming hauling through the rollers wide open, man that gets the blood flowin. The 2 stroke seems to becoming a thing of the past once riders hit big bikes, but to the riders who keep the 2 stroke going, thank you. 


I’ll end this small write up with Happy Thanksgiving to all motocross families out there who are spending their weekend at the track. Being away from family is hard, but being at the track is like being with a big family and I can’t even count the amount of times I was told to Happy Thanksgiving by people I didn’t even know. The moto family is something special and something some people will never understand! 

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