Amateur Roundup: Results and Race Recap from Mini O’s Motocross

Welcome back to the Amateur Roundup where I bring you the latest in Amateur Motocross. 

Saturday wrapped up the 2023 Thor Mini O’s at Gatorback Cycle Park in Alachua, Florida and even after a slight weather delay, they finished at a reasonable time. The phrase weather delay gives me Loretta’s flashbacks. Anyways, if you’re not familiar with Mini O’s, refer back to my Amateur Roundup for the supercross portion of the event and read the first few paragraphs. If you don’t have time for that, it’s one of the biggest amateur motocross events in existence. Hands down. 

Like I said, Saturday marked the end of a long week of racing and arguably one of the most grueling. From Tuesday to Saturday, the racing switches from supercross to motocross. If you have ever attended Mini O’s or have been to Gatorback, you know how gnarly that track can get. I did not get to go this year, but I saw plenty of pictures of the track. I saw kids laying in ruts up to their waists, braking bumps that are bigger than most speed bumps, and Mother Nature even threw some mud in this year. 

Doing well at Mini O’s can carry a lot of weight in the industry, so let’s take a look at some of the notable results. There were thousands of riders that attended this event, so I will not be able to dive deep into every class and every rider, but I will do my best. 


  1. Avery Long
  2. Drew Adams
  3. Krystian Janik
  4. Noah Smerdon
  5. Trevor Colip

250 Pro Sport

  1. Drew Adams
  2. Krystian Janik
  3. Trevor Colip
  4. Reven Gordon
  5. Dylan Rempel

450 Pro Sport

  1. Drew Adams
  2. Krystian Janik
  3. Heath Harrison
  4. Collin Allen
  5. Jesse Wessell

Well, I might as well start this off with the A Classes, right? 

My guy Avery Long made it happen in 250A but fell a little short in 250 Pro Sport. Looking at the results he had a DNF-3 score line to finish off what I would consider a rather successful week for Avery. He had lots of success to build off of in supercross and some good results in the motocross portion to carry some momentum into the off-season. But it was Drew Adams who took the 250 Pro Sport and 450 Pro Sport titles. Drew was hungry after falling a little short in the supercross portion earlier this week and let everyone know he is top dog in the A Class this year. Krystian Janik was solid all week long and that showed here finishing motocross with 3-2-2 Scores across the three classes. Someone who turned some heads is Trevor Colip with a 5-3 score line in the 250A Classes and Reven Gordon continued to produce solid results with a best of fourth in 250 Pro Sport. 


  1. Landen Gordon
  2. Luke Fauser
  3. Landon Hartz
  4. Max Shane
  5. Caden Dundey

250B Limited

  1. Landen Gordon
  2. Landen Gibson
  3. Klark Robbins
  4. Noah Stevens
  5. Caden Dundey


  1. Landon Hartz
  2. Luke Fauser
  3. Landon Gibson
  4. Ryder Gwynn
  5. Payton Morningstar

450B Limited 

  1. Landon Gibson
  2. Klark Robbins
  3. Jadon Cooper
  4. Diesel Thomas
  5. Noah Stevens

Schoolboy 2

  1. Landen Gordon
  2. Caden Dundey
  3. Jordan Renfro
  4. Luke Fauser
  5. Ryder Thompson

I know I just listed five different classes, but if you look at the names in the top five, you will see a lot of the same and Landen Gordon had himself a WEEK taking the number 1 plate in 3 of 5 classes I listed above. Did this surprise me? No, no it did not. As I said in my last article, Landen’s style and form is pretty much perfect and his speed has been shown in the past. However, I did not know how that speed would translate to big bikes, but I think he made it pretty clear that the transition is no problem. There is endless talent in the B Class this year and I cannot wait to see more racing. As I write this, I also realized that every person that won is named Landen/Landon. But seriously, keep an eye on the B Classes/Schoolboy 2 this year. It is absolutely stacked. 

85cc 12-13

  1. Tristan Prueitt
  2. Chase Dashiell
  3. Colby Lessar
  4. Gage Dunham
  5. Marcus Trujillo

85cc 9-13

  1. Gage Dunham 
  2. Tristan Prueitt
  3. Tayce Morgan
  4. Sawyer Gieck
  5. Braxtyn Mes

85cc 9-11

  1. Tayce Morgan 
  2. Colt Martin
  3. Braxtyn Mes
  4. Jackson Vick
  5. Sawyer Gieck

I left the 85 Classes out of my supercross roundup so I wanted to give them some attention for the motocross portion. Tristan Prueitt caps off probably one of the most successful Mini O’s runs I have ever seen. Tritan walks away with six total number one plates between supercross and motocross. If you head over to his Instagram account, there is a picture that shows just how much hardware he is walking away with. Tristan also won the Pro Circuit Platinum Pipe award which is given to the rider with the highest number of points in supercross mains and motocross overalls combined. Keep an eye on Tristan for the rest of the year in the 85 class. We also see Gage Dunham and Tayce Morgan getting wins in the 9-13 and 9-11 classes. Tayce caps off his first full season on an 85 with a title. 

Schoolboy 1

  1. Brennon Harrison
  2. Chace Lawton
  3. Will Canaguier
  4. Thor Powell
  5. Owen Covell

125 B/C

  1. Owen Covell
  2. Will Canaguier
  3. Kade Johnson
  4. Thor Powell
  5. Brennon Harrison

Schoolboy 1 and 125 B/C are two of my favorite classes. Mainly because who doesn’t like a 125 two-stroke, but also because of how competitive this class is year in and year out. You can tell just by looking at the results from the two classes listed above. The names are pretty much the same, but the order is different. Any of them can win at any time. Brennon Harrison took the win in SB1 and a fifth in 125 B/C and we saw Owen Covell wrap up his week with a win in 125 B/C and fifth in SB1. 

That is going to wrap up this edition of the Amateur Roundup. With Mini O’s finishing up, the Amateur Motocross community goes into hibernation for a few months, but I will be keeping an eye on things and keep everyone up to date with what I am seeing. So enjoy your time off, see you next time. 

Written by WadeRaynor

My name is Wade and my wife has a sick RV.

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