The Magnificient Seven: 450SX Title Contenders

What does Ricky Carmichael always say?

“The series doesn’t start until after Daytona.”

Well, good news gang, Daytona is this weekend, which means that the series can finally start. I’m no Clinton Fowler, but I’ll go on record here and say that this is one of the closest title fights we’ve seen in history. Only 19 points separate the top seven in points and those are the true title contenders.

We’re excited about this weekly written feature. Each week we will meet here and discuss who has the momentum and what the championship chase looks like. It’s an easy way to break it all down. Let’s take a look at where each rider stands heading into Daytona.

1st Jett Lawrence // 135 Points

Jett has had the upper hand so far this season, with two wins and three podiums total. He was well on his way to winning in Arlington as well before the crash with a couple minutes to go. Jett keeps making some rookie mistakes that have cost him some valuable points. The good news is that the season is still young and he can turn this around.

Oh, he’s still in the points lead with those mistakes? Good point.

2nd Cooper Webb // 132 Points

Webb grabbed his second win of the season in Arlington and his third podium on the year. Webb will be a constant threat to this title. Remember one year ago? He was in the hunt up until his Nashville crash and that concussion put him out for the night, ending his title hopes in the process. This year Webb seems stronger on his Star Racing Yamaha and he’s out for revenge. He’s carrying the second most momentum in the series right now.

3rd Aaron Plessinger // 128 Points

The surprise to the 2024 Monster Energy Supercross Championship is no doubt the Cowboy AP. Plessinger has carried momentum all season long and he’s knocking on the door of holding the red plate on any given weekend. AP is coming off of his third podium of the season in Arlington and he’s possibly riding the best that he ever has in his career. Three years ago AP yelled, “DO IT FOR DALE,” on the podium in Daytona and nothing has ever been the same.

4th Chase Sexton // 127 Points

Sexton has lost the momentum from his win in San Francisco all the way back at round two, but he’s very much still in this title fight. The defending champion did get second at Detroit, but is coming off of a sixth and a ninth the past two rounds, as he seems like he’s still struggling from that crash he had a couple of weeks ago. Daytona will be a true test for him. Despite all of the struggles he’s still only down eight points and that’s a great place to be this far in the series.

5th Eli Tomac // 122 Points

He kept receipts and he’s coming. Tomac is carrying the MOST momentum in the series right now as he heads into his beachfront Daytona property. His charge in Arlington from 16th to second will go down as one of his best rides ever and that is saying a lot. He was on another level and he’s fired up. He’s going for his eighth 450SX win in Daytona.

6th Jason Anderson // 118 Points

If it weren’t for a 12th in the San Fran mud or the 10th in Arlington, Anderson would be a lot closer to the point’s leader. Still, 17 points down at this stage in the game is considered a title contender. Anderson has been known to go on a run and who knows, it could happen. Let’s see how Daytona goes. He’s had two podiums this season and both of those are second place finishes.

7th Ken Roczen // 116 Points

Kenny has been the fastest guy with the worst luck to start the season. With all that being said, he can still very much make this title interesting down the stretch. His win in Glendale was very convincing and he could do that on any given night. He can easily go on a run if all the stars align. He’s coming off of an 8th in Arlington, but the momentum is still there. He’s got three podiums on the season and his worst races of the season could be out of the way.

Keep it tuned to this weekly written series and we will watch this title unfold all the way to the Salt Lake City finale!

Main Image: Octopi Media

Written by Troy Dog

Faster than Slaw Dog. Editor-in-Chief

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