13 Years

Thirteen years. It’s how long Ricky Carmichael has been retired. It’s the age of Jett Lawrence. It’s ¼ of Chad Reed’s motocross career and ½ of Martin Davalos’ 250 regime. However you dice it up, it’s a long ass time.

And that’s how long vurbmoto has been going. (Minus a brief hiatus when we all went to the beach and drank Mai Tai’s).

The reason I know this (other than because I can do the math of 2020 minus 2007) is because Facebook recently reminded me that my first ever tagged picture was with Wes Williams, during the summer of 2007 when I did my “Year in MX” trip. It was a whirlwind summer of driving to races, watching races, driving to more races and meeting a bunch of people that would later turn into lifelong friends. It was also the summer of vurbmoto’s birth.

Now I won’t delve too deeply in the origins because there is an excellent article in the pipeline explaining all of this, but I’d say that it was a life-changing experience for more than just me (and especially so for Wes). At the time, the internet was blowing up and getting “shown” on the internet was a lot harder than going to www.instagram.com and signing up for an account. Vurbmoto was one of the few places that allowed amateur motocross riders a chance to have photos of themselves on a legitimate (kinda) motocross media outlet and show off to their friends that they were cool.

Of course, times have changed and now it’s not quite such a big deal, but one thing that hasn’t changed is that motocross does allow all of us to meet a helluva lot of people, and being part of vurbmoto unlocked a lot of doors to a crazy life that I still can’t really believe has happened.

I’m not sure where I’m going with this article, but then I wasn’t sure where I’ve been going for most of the past decade and it hasn’t worked out too badly. I guess the moral of this story is that motocross is cool, vurbmoto is cool and that you should try and get yourself tagged in as many Facebook photos as possible because otherwise your “Photos of You” page will look extremely sparse and be an extremely underwhelming trip through memory lane.

The 2007 RacerX Show behind the scenes crew… sort of
Ken Block has met me
This is what happens when you get on a train from England to Thailand
I work in motocross?!
I also ride mountain bikes a lot
And bore the shit out of any American riders who come over to Europe, with all my vurbmoto stories
It’s French for shower…
Met some good people
Walked across the Grand Canyon too. And finally proud enough to show that I support Leeds again, now that they’re in the Premiership


  1. Bulmer Dog, this trip down memory lane is fantastic. Thank you for starting off my Friday with the thoughts of driving in 105 degree Phoenix heat with no AC and both of us in our underwear. That memory is one I’ll cherish forever, amongst many others you’ve managed to list here.
    I do want to point out, however, the last photo there, the Grand Canyon bit… didn’t we do that in ONE day? Like 26 some-odd miles, in 120 degrees (wait sorry, 49C), with a few fig bars and a couple bottles of water? Damn we were (and maybe still at times) savages.
    Alright, I’ve gotta go take 14 Advil because my back hurts so damn bad right now. Peace out.



Written by David Bulmer

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