Why Vicki Golden is Tougher Than You

Just to reiterate the title, Vicki Golden is 100% tougher than you. You may be asking yourself, “Birddog, how can you make such an accusation? You don’t even know me?” The answer is simple, I don’t have to know you. The simple fact that she’s tougher than 99% of the people I’ve ever met means I’ve got a good shot at winning this bet.

First let’s explore the reason why I’m writing this article. Much of the Vurb staff is currently in the middle of BFE (Google it, kids) Kansas shooting Red Bull Imagination. If you’re wondering if I’m client dropping right now, I most definitely am. But let’s continue, shall we.

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We’re a bit off the map this week with @tylerbereman & @dreamtraxx for @redbull #imagination. Content starts dropping tomorrow… prepare to be 🤯

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So we’re in Kansas working with a VERY limited field of the most badass riders in moto. How many woman do you think got the invite? If you got this answer wrong stop reading this and go slam your head into a wall.

Not only did Golden get the invite, but she posted a picture on IG recently with the caption “Mama didn’t raise no bitch. Couple days in @drfeelgoodmx office and we’re headed to Kansas to ride the #imagination course that @tylerbereman has created.”

We have yet to confirm if she broke her elbow, but can confirm that she’s nursing quite a few injuries. She was also the first one to uncork more than one section of the Imagination track today, which is absolutely savage as hell. If the above image doesn’t make you stop questioning the title of this article, allow me to continue.

She was the first female to break into the top 10 in an Arenacross Lites main in 2011 and followed that up by becoming the first female to qualify for a main in the premier class for the night show. She’s also got a Loretta’s title, three X Games gold medals, was nominated for an ESPY and was the first woman to qualify for the “Fast 40” and make it to the night show in Monster Energy AMA Supercross. If you think you can top that please send your resume to noyoucant@vurbmoto.com.

If you’ve ever ridden a dirtbike, and I’ll assume you have, you understand how impressive this is. And considering 85% of our readers are male, I’ll also assume you have chest hair (of you did before you shaved it). What you don’t understand is how much more of a badass a female has to be to accomplish these things.

Birddog recently slammed his big toe on the refrigerator (you can send your get well cards to the address in the footer.) Anyways, I’ve been out for three weeks. No shit! I can barely walk. If Red Bull called and asked me to ride the Imagination track, I’d have to lie and tell them my grandma was sick. And here Vicki is making me look like less of a man by posting photos of what appears to be a broken elbow just days before she rides one of the most insane tracks I’ve ever seen.

Female athletes don’t get enough credit in this sport. I realized that when Jessica Patterson passed me during practice at a Loretta Lynn’s Area Qualifier 20 years ago. I checked up on a double and she pretty much jumped over my head. It was that day that I realized I needed to not only learn how to write, but that my level of respect for female athletes competing in a male dominated sport were solidified forever.

Be sure to check back in throughout the week as we bring you an unprecedented behind the scenes look from the Imagination track, and of what I’m deeming the baddest chick in moto.  

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Written by Bird Dog

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