Tyler Bereman competes in Red Bull Imagination in Fort Scott, Kansas USA on 13 October, 2020. // Chris Tedesco/Red Bull Content Pool // SI202010130538 // Usage for editorial use only //

Bereman’s Ultimate Freeride Course Becomes Reality | Red Bull Imagination – Part 1

Slaw and Chili have been in the middle of bumf*** Kansas all week watching this insane Red Bull Imagination course come to life. From the twisted minds of Tyler Bereman and Jason Baker, this place is pure insanity. I’ve never seen anything like this in my life!

We’re producing a three-episode mini-series that will run this week and next, so watch this space.

From Red Bull:

Tyler Bereman is one of freeride’s best and most creative riders, and he’s long had a dream for what the ultimate freeride motocross course could be — drawing inspiration from action sports, from slopestyle snowboarding to the freeride mountain biking of Red Bull Rampage. It would let the world’s most creative, expressive riders push the limits of what they could do on a dirt bike.

Now that dream is becoming a reality at Red Bull Imagination. And it all starts here: the course build. Watch as Bereman and expert track builder Jason Baker of Dream Traxx head to Kansas to turn empty plains into a dream freeride course for Red Bull Imagination. As the course starts to take shape, Bereman turns guinea pig and breaks in the freshly shaped dirt, and shows friend and fellow Imagination competitor Tom Parsons a sneak peek at the course as it rounds into its final form. And that final form is, in Tyler’s words, “a bad mammer jammer.”

Watch the first of the three-part Imagination all-access series here, and stay tuned for episode 2 on October 17.

Main image: Chris Tedesco / Red Bull Content Pool

Written by Slaw Dog

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