Vurb Unity Tee (Limited Edition)

Vurb is currently 100% reader supported. In layman’s terms that just means that how much content we create is completely determined by the amount of brand support we receive. Still don’t get it? We need to sell merchandise in order to attend races, make videos, and pay for the 1,000 other things it takes to keep this ship pointed in the right direction.

Consider yourself shareholders and we’re hoping for a stock split. We’ll be dropping new designs on the reg to keep things fresh, and will be rolling out our VIP (Vurb Important Person) program in a few weeks to help support this.

In the meantime, feast your eyes on our newest drop, the Unity Tee. Limited prints will be available and then this bad boy will disappear faster than your old man heading out for some smokes when you were five. Pre sales are now live and will last until, you guessed it Sherlock, we run out of stock.

Like fine wine, this shirt is best paired with fireworks, cold Natty Light and dirtbikes. Get em’ while the getting’s good by clicking here. Your country and the Vurb staff thank you. Available in Red, White, and Blue colors.

While you’re in the marketplace, check out another few new releases, including a maroon colorway of our vurbmoto Classic Tee, as well as the vurbmoto Diamond shirt, available in Heather Black and Athletic Heather Grey.


  1. Hey eavee4126,
    We were hoping to get some stuff made in AUS and have it shipped from there, but since we haven’t started that process quite yet, I’ll see if we can get AUS and NZ shipping turned on for now. Shipping costs are going to suck, but it is what it is right now. Hopefully we figure that out in the near future!



Written by Bird Dog

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