Troy Dog’s Shack: Thankful for Peters, Swoll, and Lawrence

If you haven’t figured out by reading every single one of my columns, I am easy to please. Right now, there are two things I love most in the sport. I love me some Chiz, and I love me some emotion on the podium. 

The latter of that statement has not happened in quite a long time. We did see some excitement with Cam McAdoo at Daytona, which was a nice change of pace. It was a long way from Joey Savatgy basically hitting himself on the podium to be better and very far away from Mike Alessi uncontrollably sobbing after a heat race win. I want you to celebrate like Justin Brayton after he won Daytona. He was stoked and Troy Dog may or may not have shed a few tears of happiness.

Then you have your new generation of 250 talent that get up on the box and they act like they are at an interview for a job they do not want. Remember last year when Garrett Marchbanks won at Daytona?

Daniel Blair: Garrett how does it feel? You have worked so hard to get to this point.

Garrett: Good. 

On Saturday rookie Seth Hammaker did the same thing on the podium. He showed how happy he was after the finish and he was hugging his team and McAdoo, who came up to congratulate him after the race. On the podium it was a different story. You did not see the whirlwind of emotions coming from a rider who basically sat out two years due to health and injury issues. I was confused.

On Tuesday night, my faith in this new generation of talent was restored on the 250 podium. We had all three riders basically speechless on what just happened. They were more excited than Chili Dog on a new camera release day. Peters does not count as in the “new generation” of riders because like Troy Dog he remembers the year 1996. Peters was three. So, for Peters, he understands excitement and he knows how to talk to people. He looks at you in the eyes when he is talking. His second career podium was well deserved, and he was pumped. I love this game.

In second, Jalek Swoll was very excited for his first career podium. I have heard some of the struggles he has had to go through, and he alluded to that on the podium. It is nice when people can be real AND SHOW EMOTION on the podium. Swoll is a nice surprise this year and I think if he keeps trending up he will be a fan favorite in no time. He has a fun vibe and a great attitude.

Now we get to the man who you could tell was sob crying with his helmet and goggles on. That is the type of raw emotion I want to see. I was not with you when you struggled, nor do I know what you went through, but to see a win or podium mean that much to you… well I respect you so much more now. Hunter Lawrence showcased what I want to see on the podium, excitement, energy, and gratification. Wins and podiums do not come easy, so let us know that by how you feel.

Maybe these new kids do not know how to show emotion. Maybe they are overwhelmed by everything and cannot show you their true feelings. Maybe they just expect to win? Either way, I do NOT want to see a funeral eulogy when you win. Make it exciting and fun for those watching when you are up on the box. Otherwise, it is boring for the fans and if you look like you do not care that you won, then we really do not care that you did either.

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Written by Troy Dog

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