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We’re mind blown how many of you showed up to support of first venture back into the world of running really fun events. Even though this was just a practice weekend, over 1000 of you came through the gate yesterday, far surpassing our estimate, and the amount of times we had to send BirdDog back to Costco for more burgers, buns, BBQ, and hotdogs was entertaining to say the least. While we have tons more content to come, here’s some photos for a handful of you guys to use, download, post, or make your background… whatever you feel like doing. Be sure to hashtag #vurbshredtour and tag @vurbmoto! Huge shoutout to for believing in us and our initial event. We hope everyone that came through the gate will find their discount card nice and handy for your next online purchases. Just another perk of coming to the Dirtbikes are Dope Shred Tour.

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  1. We had a blast …….. Thanks VURBMOTO and NXT LVL 101
    I know Linda Storay (AKA BOSS WOMAN) had me and Byron slinging them burgers ALL DAY LONG Saturday!!!!!!!!!!!!! Daphne taking up orders and holding 1 month old Axel we made it through !
    Nitro Noah had a huge day ripping with all the 85 rippas Camping Fri and Sat night Toasted his KTM 105 bottom end , melted the rear brakes on his KTM 85 and blew the rear tire out on his TTR110 went through 7 gallons of VP still came home with a $#!+ eating grin !
    Thanks VURBMOTO for the sick shirts and the million pounds of burgers and dogs!!!!!!!!!!

Written by Blake Keith

Hailing all the way from Somerset, Kentucky, Blake became engrained in the vurb crew because he came and crushed 14 White Claws, in one sitting, with Wes at Millcreek. After that, we realized his photos were really, really good.... so we decided to make him a video guy? Genius on our part. Blake is currently heading up our Maroon Program. He's Red Program in video, but black belt in photo, so we're pretty sure you get maroon when you mix the two. But we probably should've asked Jeeves to make sure.
The best thing about Blake is he accepts payment in beard oil.
Check out Blake at @BlakeKeith_.

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