Vurb Roundup: 5 Standouts at RCSX

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Welcome back to the Vurb Roundup where I will be bringing you the latest in amateur motocross accompanied with some content from social media. RCSX at Daytona wrapped up on Monday and I got to spend the week crutching around and watching some racing. Let me just say, being on crutches at the speedway is less than ideal. I have blisters on my hands and my armpits are raw, but I got to see some good racing from Saturday to Tuesday. Plus a few good times were had.

I am bummed that I was not able to shoot any video last weekend since I am still on crutches. As Slaw Dog has said, I am really good at screwing up opportunities by riding dirtbikes and getting hurt. There is always next year as long as long Slaw Dog doesn’t fire me.

Anyways, let get into it. Here are a few standouts from RCSX.

1) Landon Gibson

I have to start with my guy Landon Gibson. I met the Troy Lee Designs GasGas rider at Mini O’s 2022 where he took home some hardware and I realized this kid is something special. Landon is a two-time RCSX Champion in 2023 taking home the number one plate in Supermini 1 and 2. Landon did have some heat from Kelana Humphrey in every moto but was able to pull out the win. Landon rode super well all weekend with the exception of a crash in the Schoolboy 1. I believe Landon has a very bright future in this sport and I am looking forward to seeing it.

2) Carson Wood

Another double champion at RCSX, Carson Wood dominated the Mini Sr 1 and 2 classes. The Kawasaki rider looked comfortable all weekend long on what I believe was a more technical and challenging course than we have seen in the last few years at Daytona. This year’s layout had a few features that separated the faster riders from the rest of the pack and Carson was able to take advantage of that. There was a challenging rhythm right after the whoop section and Carson was able to easily maintain his lead in that section alone. Plus, his Fox kit was dialed all weekend.

3) The A Classes

I could not pick just one rider that really stood out as the clear-cut guy in the A classes last weekend, so I wanted to include the A classes as a whole. Between Julien Beaumer and Patrick Murphy, there were fantastic battles in every moto. I cannot forget my guy Tyler Stepek who took home third in the 250A/Futures class after battling with Patrick Murphy, Jyrie Mitchell, and Cameron Durrow. Julien Beaumer did have a very impressive second moto in the 250A/Futures class beating Patrick Murphy by over 10 seconds.

4) Dawson Cobb

So, this is a rider whose results did not reflect how well he actually rode all weekend. Dawson Cobb did not land on the podium this weekend, but he showed some serious speed. I am not sure where the mistakes were since I was unable to get around the entire track, but regardless he did show a lot of potential with lap times very similar to the leaders. Dawson moved up to the B Class at Mini O’s and I look forward to seeing how the rest of his year goes.

5) Krystian Janik

Just like the A Classes, the B Classes were full of talent that shined at RCSX and Krystian Janik was able to take first in 250 B, third in 450 B, plus a win in Schoolboy 2 against very familiar competition. Janik was able to best Drew Adams and Casey Cochran in both 250 B and Schoolboy 2 but finished a respectable third behind both in 450 B. With Spring Nationals kicking off, I look forward to more exciting racing from this class of B riders. I believe they will produce some great racing for many years to come.

This will wrap up the Daytona Edition of the Vurb Roundup. Everyone will be headed to Texas for the JS7 Freestone Spring Championship to really kick off the amateur racing season. I will not be in attendance, but our boy VurbWes will be there to cover all the action. We have to get some of his input to see who the standouts are in Texas for next weeks Roundup. See you then.

Main image: @jasonfribergphoto

Written by WadeRaynor

My name is Wade and my wife has a sick RV.

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