Amateur Roundup: Luke Fauser, Landon Gibson Impress at Vurb Classic

Welcome back to the Vurbmoto Amateur Roundup where I bring you the latest in amateur motocross.

Last weekend, the Vurb Classic went down in Gray Court, South Carolina and we proved that it truly is the best race in all of motocross. I might be a bit biased, but what other race has free stuff, hot dogs, good times, a live Gypsy Tales podcast, and the best event coverage known to man? Did I mention good times and hot dogs? You won’t find all of those things at any other amateur motocross event… I can guarantee that.

Seriously, the Vurb Classic is always a really cool event. The events crew here at Vurbmoto are top notch and when you add Eddie Ray, Jessica Patterson and Daniel Blair, you get a truly one-of-a-kind event that lives up to the hype. The track was amazing Friday for practice and Saturday for the first day of racing. We did get some rain early on Sunday, but the track crew at NXT LVL 101 had the course sealed up the night before in anticipation of the rain, leaving us with the best track possible given the conditions. It was a little muddy, but I still believe everyone was given a proper track to race on.

As everyone knows, we invited the best of the best to come out to race for us and I can say that none of our Hired Guns disappointed. But there were two guys that really stood out to me in this group. Those two would be none other than Luke Fauser and Landon Gibson. The reason these two stood out to me so much is because the last time a lot of us saw them they were both riding small bikes, whether that be a 125 or a supermini. Also, neither of these guys raced Loretta Lynn’s this year. When they both showed up on 250F’s, I was not surprised to see it, but I had no idea how good they would be. With so little knowledge of their ability, it was almost like I was watching them ride in person for the first time again.

Luke was our Hired Gun in Schoolboy 2 class and Landon was our Hired Gun in the 250 B class. From the moment these two pulled on the track Friday, I realized my job of filming this event just got 10x easier. Both looked like they had been riding a big bike for years. Their speed, their style, and how comfortable they were on the bikes was abundantly clear within the first practice session. Everything they had on little bikes had transferred over to the 250f.

We got to watch these two go head to head every moto and if you watch any of our videos from the weekend, I can guarantee you will see what I am talking about. I also have to talk about Logan Riggens. Logan was right there battling it out in the Schoolboy 2 class going 3-2 for second overall beating Landon who finished third overall Saturday. Logan also raced Loretta’s finishing sixth in the 450 B Limited class this year.

I wanted to keep this short, but I could not come away from the Vurb Classic without mentioning Luke and Landon. They really impressed me in South Carolina, and I believe we will see one of them dominating the B Classes in the next couple years to come. STAMP IT.

Main image: Mike Vizer

Written by WadeRaynor

My name is Wade and my wife has a sick RV.

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