Vurb Roundtable: Should Justin Hill Do Karate on the Track? Who Had Max as a Contender? Picking Rookies and More

Vurb Roundtable is back! That’s right, this classic Vurbmoto feature has returned with some amazing questions and answers from yours truly, Bird Dog and some crappy answers from Troy Dog.

Should Justin Hill be allowed to do karate while the race is going on?

Slaw Dog: Remember Road Rash? Arguably the best dirt bike video game ever? I could totally see Justin out there just kicking dudes over with elite karate kicks. 

Troy Dog: I’m not a fan of karate or anything related to it. It does seem like karate behind the starting gate gets Hill fired up, but on the track with helmets and gear on would be super lame. Plus, no riders are really “fighting” these days. They all can yell all they want, but no one is throwing a punch these days…unless you’re Stank and your name is Cade.

Bird Dog: During the race? No. This sport is dangerous enough as is. Post race? Absolutely. They could pull a cage into the middle of the track and Justin could hand pick which riders pissed him off during the main event for a bare knuckle cage match.

Out of all of the riders to make their debuts over the weekend, which rider will go on to have the best career?

Slaw Dog: Dumb question. This must have come from Troy Dog. I refuse to answer based on that. 

Troy Dog: This one is a toss up for me. I really like the flashiness and riding style of Deegan, but I also like the fundamentals of Hymas. Vialle should have a few championships by the time his career is over in the USA as well. If I had to pick one it would be Deegan based on the sole fact that he has had everything lined up perfectly for him to succeed for so long that it would be weird if he didn’t. His program works.

Bird Dog: Deegan is the obvious pick here. He was lights out impressive in Houston for his debut with a fourth overall, and his corner speed has already gone viral. However, it’s always the “other” guy who ends up having the most successful career. Deegan has more pressure on him than Mike “Believe the Hype” Alessi did, and while he seems to manage it well, I’m picking Chance Hymas in this fight.

Did literally anyone talk about Max Anstie as a potential title threat? Like, seriously, anyone at all?

Slaw Dog: I doubt even Anstie’s parents, immediate family and loved ones had him as a title contender. 

Troy Dog: NO! NO ONE DID! I exclaimed in the Vurb thread when we were coming up with questions for this incredible return of “Roundtable”. For anyone that remembers I ran this feature all the way when Anstie was an actual rookie in the 250 class on a Star Racing Yamaha. So, maybe back then we had a similar question. Today, I’m still impressed by his performance in Houston. I don’t think it was a fluke and I think it’s only a matter of time for him to get his team their first 250SX win.

Bird Dog: I did! I just didn’t tell anyone because I’m busy doing business stuff and not blogging as much as I used to. For real, I did. I watched him come to America and race Oak Hill on a factory KTM 85 and just ruin people. The kid was born for this and dropping down to a 250 might be the best decision he’s ever made. He’s also a veteran and should be able to go the distance. #30isthenew20

1-10, how hard did Eli Tomac just mind f the rest of the field after the red flag?

Slaw Dog: 100000. Tomac is DANGEROUS right now.

Troy Dog: I’m at a 4 on this. Obviously we are all witnessing history right now with Tomac and we need to be enjoying this, but at the same time these guys aren’t giving up! Sexton, Webb, Anderson, and the rest of the crew are still going to come after him. Tomac is the obvious favorite for this title and has won three out of the four races. It’s still really early in the season and anything can happen. I’m optimistic that this is still going to be an exciting championship fight.

Bird Dog: Dude, that wasn’t even fair. Sexton had his number all night until it was time to regroup. I’m betting that Tomac decided to hold his pee in and used that as fuel for the fire. I’m not sure anyone can touch him, or that YZ450 right now.

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Written by Slaw Dog

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