Vurb Originals are Back! And We’re HYPED

Ahhh, what a glorious feeling. After months of planning, and now living through a Salt Lake City Groundhog Day movie marathon, we’re about to launch our very first Vurb Original Film in, what, like, two decades? Shit, I seriously don’t even know what day it is so that timeframe could be slightly off, but it most certainly seems like that’s the case. Our first contestant? No, not Johnny Bass, Flagger Rapper, or Uncle Herb… but you’re in the right era. It’s one of the very first athletes we were able to work with back in March 2007 as we launched Allegiance during a two-month, United States wide road trip in my not-so-trusty 30-foot 1995 Box Van that aptly slept 14 dudes (and on very rare occasions persons of the opposite sex. Okay, you’re right. I’m lying).

Tired of the suspense? It’s Christian Craig. 
Photo by Brandon Carter.

Why CC62? Well he’s got insanely dope style, speed, and talent to match, but it’s more because of the history. All of you OGs definitely remember the “Go Getta” video which featured a slew of talent and marked our first video ever from California. We spent a week following Christian, Kyle Engle, Dean Wilson, Tommy Weeck, Andrew Silverstein, Blake Green, Jake Canada, and Blake Baggett to places like Comp Edge, Lake Elsinore, and handful of other dusty ass places that still seem to bring an uncanny recollection of dry mouth and eye boogers to my brain. To this day, it’s still one of my favorite videos. The style, the song, the editing—we did so much different back then, and I truly feel like it’s a clip that has stood the test of time. But because Christian was one our predominately featured riders in one of our very first videos, it only seemed fitting to bring back that love to the world all over again, here 13 years later.

That Tommy Weeck Guitar Hero stop motion still gets me every time!

Go back to February or March of this year, and I called my good buddy Kyle Cowling and let him know about the return of vurbmoto and tasked him with tracking down Christian for what would be this very fitting and meaningful first Vurb Original. At first, it was going to be simple and fun, but that never seems to be the way we roll. One idea led to another, we then called in phenom editor Will Posey to handle the post-production, and I started digging deep in the archives to help create a multi-layered masterpiece that will serve as what I hope will be the first of many projects just like this one.

Photo of Kyle Cowling NOT shooting this Vurb Original Film
Photo by Brandon Carter

Now the sales pitch part based of that last sentence. We love this shit and we always have. I would do it every damn day of the week if it was possible. But during vurbmoto 1.0, that mentally was also to our detriment. Crazy, I know, but we can’t afford to spend more money producing content than we’re bringing in, a concept that is likely taught day one in business class. Think we forgot that textbook page last time we tried this thing. That being said, I hope all of you know content creation isn’t cheap and luckily we’ve sold a couple of shirts that helped cover the cost of making this video, but we also need to keep selling a shitload more so I/we can increase the frequency of these to the extent we all want. Money makes the world go round my friends, and it also helps us produce some dope ass content. What we’re able to do for vurbmoto 2.0 is completely up to you.

Me filming trees during yesterday’s Vurb Original Shoot with Pierce Brown.
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Okay, enough of that. Although Kyle, Will, and I work together on a quite regular basis with Red Bull Moto Spy and numerous other projects (which are our actual full-time jobs) this project was very special to all of us. While I had the pleasure of shooting and editing seemingly thousands of videos for vurbmoto in my lifetime, this one marks Cowling’s first one back since 2012, and Will’s first one ever. We’ll get into the history all of this group and how it all came to be some other time, but I want everyone to know it was an honor to have this small group of badass people be the ones to create the first of many, many memories to come. 

Check back tomorrow for some of that amazing goodness you’ve been waiting years to taste again. We may or may not be rusty at this, so if we are, I expect you keep your mouth shut and help encourage us to do more.

Sincerely, your friend,
Chilidog vurbwes.

Written by Chilidog

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