Vurb Original HEAT ft. Justin Barcia #51

Instead of starting today with a cup of coffee, we decided to start it with [expletive expletive] Justin Barcia. You know why? Because it’s [expletive expletive] Barcia week. That means you should watch JB all day today, all day tomorrow, and then go back in time to Monday and watch all this shit again.

VurbArtDog (Kyle Cowling) hit the test track with Justin earlier this week and captured some epic moments as the new GasGas ripper prepares for new red racer debut in (about) a week’s time.

How’s Justin going to do at Houston? By the looks of it, we think pretty damn good. Can he make it an opening round three-peat?

One Comment

  1. Not a Honda-KTM fan, but when KTM buys TM, I’d take a good look at the Yamaha-KTM. Now that I say that, does KTM already own 2/3rds of TM?

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