VMZ News Desk: Jeff Simpson Is Riding a Horse for Some Reason to Promo the Shred Tour at Oak Hill Next Weekend

Our roots run deep at Oak Hill. As Bird Dog explained earlier this week, when we decided to become media moguls there was no better place to make our announcement than in Texas. The year was, hell, I don’t know, maybe 2006? The name wasn’t Vurb, it was Allegiancemx.com (a story for another day). Anyway, back in the day it was the Texas Two Step. One week at Lake Whitney followed immediately by one week at the Oak Hill GNC.

We’ll be hosting our Dirtbikes are Dope Shred Tour there on June 26-27 and will be sticking around the Lone Star State all week leading up to the GNC on July 2-4. 

Get all the details here, but for now, enjoy VMZ News Desk host Jeff Simpson riding a fing horse for some reason to promo the Shred Tour.

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