Vintage Vibes: Oak Hill 2010 ft Cianciarulo / Robertson / Webb; Plus Shred Tour News

Let’s be real here, Troy Dog cares about the #vurbshredtour a lot. I love it so much that I won’t even talk about myself, my stickers, or my world famous hot dog that we serve at the event. Nope, I will not be mentioning any of that… err wait.

It’s Vintage Vibes day! I’m here to talk about this here throwback video from Oak Hill. Then I’m going to throw it over to Bird Dog to give you some #vurshredtour news. So, read this because it’s me and stay for Bird.

I didn’t know which Oak Hill video I wanted to choose because this crew has been cranking out videos hotter than the Texas sun for more than 15 years now. Chili Dog must have done the Texas two-step of Lake Whitney and Oak Hill more than 69 times. 

So, for the first time I’m choosing a video without Chili filming or editing. Instead this video was edited and filmed by Ryan Walters, with help from myself (and Travis Steward on the playground). Walt and I were a great team that week. I remember he was stuck on a song for this day and Clint Wilkinson stopped by with Cody Drewek and they helped locate this banger. 

We located a maybe 12-year-old Adam Cianciarulo and interviewed him on the swings he would go play on in between motos. This was before his growth spurt because if he were to get on one of those swings now he’d blow his ACL out. 

Stilez Robertson is on a 65cc and pulls one of the most massive holeshots ever. 

A very young Cooper Webb gets interviewed in a tree. What you don’t see is that Red Bull and Webb were worried that he might fall out of the tree, so Troy Dog was right under the camera out of the shot as to like catch him? In case he fell. I doubt Cooper remembers this or the precautions I did to help him navigate this tree. Either way my work here contributed to his two SX titles. 

I really dig this video. I shot all of the slow-mo shots as well as the Robertson holeshot. Walt crushed it with his new (at the time) Canon 7D. That was an awesome week at Oak Hill and YOU can have a fun week there too! 

Here’s my agent Bird Dog to tell you how!

How Troy became my boss I’ll never know, but life’s a trip that way. Why did we choose Oak Hill for our Texas Shred Tour? Simple, we’ve got history there, the track has a rich history in supporting amateur moto and we want to play our part to bring it back to the glory days. It’s also a dope facility, and seeing as this is the “Dirbikes are Dope Shred Tour” it only seemed fitting. 

We’ll be unveiling more details soon, but see below for a few banger reasons to attend. 

  1. Ronnie Mac will be onsite for his first Shred Tour appearance. 
  2. It’s going to be hot as hell most likely, so we’re doing a water balloon fight (helmets recommended but not required), a slip and slide kickball tournament hosted by our boy Seth Heggie. 
  3. Stacyc is on board with the Shred and will be putting on some amazing demonstrations on a world class Stacyc track. Don’t have a Stacyc? No stress! We’ll have one all charged up and ready to rip for you. 
  4. came on as title sponsor and will be providing hella good times and massive amounts of raffle prizes.
  5. Pitbike race with prizes. Sure, it’s not an original thought but pitbike racing is awesome so we’re towing the line here. 
  6. Cold beers, free hotdogs, and a festival like atmosphere = a no stress weekend of ripping with your boys. 
  7. More raffle prizes than your mom had dates in the ’90s.

Written by Troy Dog

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