Bringing Back the Glory Days to Oak Hill GNC

When we decided to become media moguls there was no better place to make our announcement than in Texas. The year was, hell, I don’t know, maybe 2006? The name wasn’t Vurb, it was (a story for another day). Anyway, back in the day it was the Texas Two Step. One week at Lake Whitney followed immediately by one week at the Oak Hill GNC.

We were punk kids who didn’t even know how to call a track and get a vending spot. And for reasons not to be discussed, we were blackballed from Lake Whitney. Our dreams were shattered for our big launch. We literally put everything my partner Wes Williams’ grandma loaned us into this venture and were ready to go full send.

Delayed a week, but spirits still high, we made our debut at the Oak Hill GNC. Eventually AllegianceMX went away and we launched Vurb at Mini O’s in 2007. Fast forward to Spring 2008 and we were finally allowed at Lake Whitney, but our sights were still set on Oak Hill, this time as title sponsor.

We went huge! We had our boy Chris Creamer hook us up with a deal on a Heli and we wrapped it in Vurb graphics and flew that bad boy straight into the pits. We even sold rides to kids throughout the week, which I’m 99% sure is illegal as hell. It was the amateur dirtbike equivalent of a rapper landing on a Vegas rooftop hotel for a show. Vurb had arrived, and we did it at the GNC.

See, we weren’t lying!

Needless to say this facility and this event in particular have always held a special place in our hearts, and in the history books of amateur moto. Now under new ownership, we’re teaming up with Oak Hill to bring it back to the glory days.

We’ll be hosting our Dirtbikes are Dope Shred Tour there on June 26-27 and will be sticking around the Lone Star State all week leading up to the GNC on July 2-4. The goal isn’t for this event to be as big as it was in 2008 the first year. It’s to plant a seed and to let the moto industry know that Oak Hill is back and new owner, Kevin Coleman, is dedicated to bringing this venue back to the glory days. 

We hope to see you there! Until then enjoy some nostalgia.

Written by Bird Dog

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