Vintage Vibes: Vurb Platinum, New Year’s Dreamland ft Decotis / Renzland / Webb / Smith

Here we go! It’s Dreamland time! This is high on everyone’s list of favorite vurbmoto videos of all-time. I don’t even know where to start with this one because it’s a lot to unpack. 

I know I’m old when I can’t even remember what year this was, but I’m pretty sure this was filmed at the end of 2012 for New Year’s Day. It was such a hit that Chili Dog went back to do a sequel the very next year. 

The talent in this one is immense. We’ll start things off with Dreamland CEO and Troy Dog Squad’s own Luke Renzland, or “Dozer Dog” as we know him around here. In the video we see Dream Traxx, also known as Jason Baker, describe what goes into building a masterpiece like Dreamland. Dozer Dog was still an amateur in this video and went back to Loretta Lynn’s one more time before turning pro with Rock River Yamaha. He got a podium with me in attendance at Indianapolis one year and now he shreds two-strokes. 

Jordon Smith is also an amateur still in this video on his GEICO Honda. This had to be after his first outing with the team at Mini O’s that year. For Jordon, you often wonder how much different things would be without all of the injuries. At the time of this filming he was a top prospect looking to turn pro after Loretta’s in 2014 like Dozer. What will Smith’s 2022 look like? The dude is due for some good on track karma.

Cooper Webb had an outdoor season under his belt at this point. His biggest success coming in the final round at Lake Elsinore with a third overall to–get this–Eli Tomac and Ken Roczen. 

Rounding out the squad was Jimmy Decotis, who we really do miss on the tour. Jimmy D was always a guy who would put in respectable finishes in Supercross. On top of that, he was always ready to send it and he went from privateer hero to a long term pro career. 

I asked Dozer how this crew was selected for the video, but Slaw yelled at me to turn my column in before he could get back to me. I’ll give you the answer on Twitter (@troydogvurb). 

Dozer Dog is ready to get the party started for a 3.0…two-stroke edition. Chili Dog knows this. I just want you all to know that T-Dog is starting the push now to make it happen. Heck, I’ll even fly in to make it happen. I could use a vacation and Dozer has been inviting me down to Dreamland for at least half a decade now. 

Enjoy this beautiful Platinum masterpiece and look at how young everyone looks! We will get 3.0 planned on the books if YOU demand it.

Written by Troy Dog

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