Vintage Vibes: Dreamland Christmas 2012 ft Renzland / Webb / Decotis / Smith

I’ll make this super special edition of Vintage Vibes short and sweet. It’s the Christmas party at the Dreamland from 2012 with Dozer Dog, Cooper Webb, Jimmy Decotis, and Jordon Smith. We dressed them up in the most ridiculous outfits that we could find at Wal Mart and made them throw huge whips. Clark, that’s the gift that keeps on giving all year and every year. How in the heck was this nine years ago?

The good news for you is that I have spoken with Chili Dog and Dozer about going back to Dreamland. That’s your Christmas present. It’s in the works for this year. I was embargoed to not say anything at all, but I’m too flipping excited not to. Also, how can you keep a secret like this? 

Enjoy this vintage throwback to when these riders were just young kids trying to make something of themselves. In one way or another they all have become household names in this sport. Back then, they had all never really talked to one another, and other than Decotis they hadn’t even turned pro yet. Time is the biggest thief. It goes too quickly and then before you know it Slaw Dog has gray hair. 

Merry Christmas everyone!



Written by Troy Dog

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