Vintage Vibes: 2012 Mini O’s Vurb Select ft. Webb, Alix, Owen, Smith, Alves and More

It’s November, baby!!! Do know what that means for Vintage Vibes? It means all month long I will be bringing you vintage vids from Mini O’s. It’s my favorite amateur national after all!

The video I chose this week is from the 2012 Mini Olympics and it’s a Vurb Select. We’ve got all kinds of heavy hitters in this one. We start off with Vermont’s own Dakota Alix on his first ride with the KTM Orange Brigade team and his Red Bull deal. 

After Alix, we get a look at Jace Owen, who was still on a Suzuki even after the amateur program discontinued. I like Jace a lot, as he’s always been really cool in interviews. He took a half hour to hang out with my little nephew at an Amsoil Arenacross back in the day. The year he will be lining up for the 250SX East Region with Club MX/Yamaha. 

It’s crazy to think that Ryder DiFrancesco is gearing up to go pro in the next year or two. In this video he is being carried around by Jordon Smith as a newborn baby weighing only 10lbs and 8 ounces in the 50cc class. Time is such a crazy journey. 

Speaking of Smith, he made his GEICO Honda debut at this running of Mini O’s. He looked spicy too, throwing whips and a baby Ryder D around. 

Also in this vid, is Raymyller Alves on an RM85, which is weird because I always assumed he raced a YZ250F all though the amateur ranks no matter the class rules. He’s living the privateer life now, but shows some great speed from time to time. 

This was also around the time of all the Luke Clout hype. I believe the Australian was staying at MTF at the time and going to all of the amateur nationals. The hype for him was real and he’s had great success back at home in Australia since. 

My favorite part is at the end of this video when Cooper Webb’s mom is in disbelief that her son was about to wrap up his amateur career and turn pro the following summer. We know how it all has worked out since for Webb, and he will go down as one of the sport’s greatest racers. 

However, at the time the future was uncertain. He signed with Star Yamaha just as the team was coming into its own. You should credit Webb and Jeremy Martin for putting that team on the map and making it the desirable landing spot it is today. Now look at that squad with a loaded team of veterans and 18 amateur prospects. What a time! 

Danny Stu and crew did an amazing job on filming this one. Not only are the colors very crisp and clear, but they have a lot of great moving tripod shots. That’s a Stu special for ya! Enjoy watching, please subscribe to the vurbmoto YouTube channel and smash that notification button. We’ve got so much heat that even your mom is sweating.

Written by Troy Dog

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