Vintage Vibes: Signing Off with Flagger Rapper

As CEO at vurbmoto, I have to make the tough decisions around here. It’s one of THE MOST read columns on the site and all [Slaw Note: Not even close], but Vintage Vibes has been pulled from the edit sheet effective immediately. It’s time to be finished with it and there’s nothing you can say to ever bring it back.

This week I went deep down into the depths of the vurbmoto vault and found a treasure right behind the picture of a greasy Stew Dog in a girl’s Thor shirt that was three sizes too small. That’s a story for another time, but yes, said photo does exist. Today we are taking another look at Flagger Rapper. 

At first when I clicked on the video I thought that I would hear, “DAMN SON, WHERE’D YA FIND THIS?” I know you remember that from all of your bootlegged Trap CD’s from back in the day. Wait, what did you say? What’s a CD? Go ask your mom about the one I made her in high school. 

This is the crap that I would sneak onto Vurb in high school to watch and think of how fun an amateur national would be. Truth be told they are a lot of fun I would come to find out, but you have to know who to hang out with. Had I known Flagger Rapper I would probably still be best friends with the dude. Also, had Jason Weigandt had a rap like this we would have never questioned whether or not he was a flagger at Englishtown. 

Flagger Rapper originates in 2008 I believe, but other than that no one even knows any other part of the story. It doesn’t even matter to be honest. He was never seen again. We don’t know how or why Stew Dog came up with this footage or why he spent so much time mixing it into a legit track. One thing’s for sure Tripple 3-Sixty was ahead of his time. Does he still flag? Where is he now? And why did he have one of the most incredible flows of all time? These are all part of his legend. He didn’t care what he even said on the track, all that he knew was that he was giving a shoutout to Biggie and Tupac (respect) and the rest was mumble rap. The kids today will enjoy that.

My favorite thing about Flagger Rapper is that he has his own ad libbed sound before he enters the track. Rick Ross has the deep meaty “HUH”, Migos just say their name “Ta-Ta-Takeoff”, and French Montana has that overly aggressive “MONTANA” yell. Well, here Tripple 3-Sixty hits us with his version of a dirt bike sound. It’s a strong move and sets himself apart from other rappers. Maybe B-Mayzee should throw a track together with this dude? Can we make this happen? We have so much potential here. 

The Kings…Los Angeles United…are legendary bars and shall not be forgotten just like the Vintage Vibes column.

Viva La Vintage Vibes. PEACE.

* Mic Drop.*

Written by Troy Dog

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