Vintage Vibes: A Who’s Who of Amateur Motocross from 2007 at Oak Hill

I don’t really have much to add to this edition of Vintage Vibes. I promised my employees that I would pump up the #vurbshredtour at Oak Hill that is happening THIS WEEKEND! Are you going? Do you know someone who is? Everyone in the world should attend this amazing event. It’s two full days of shredding on an amateur national track that all of today’s top pros ripped on throughout the years. 

Come sit on the swings that Adam Cianciarulo played on as a kid. Come sit in the same tree Cooper Webb climbed. We are grilling at least one million hot dogs, so be sure to ask for a famous Troy Dog. One thing that is so cool about the #vurbshredtour is that it involves ABSOLUTELY NO RACING! Don’t you even think about it. We shred and that’s all. 

Anyway, enjoy this video I dug out of the archives. It’s literally a who’s who of amateur motocross from 2007. PJ Larsen, Trey Canard, Tommy Weeck, Justin Barcia, Austin Stroupe, Eli Tomac, and even BMayzee himself makes an appearance. 

The only other thing that I can add behind the scenes about this video is that Chili Dog posted these on Racer X daily during that race week. I waited everyday for a new one to drop. It was the first time I had really seen what the vibe was at an amateur national throughout a week. 

Again, vurbmoto was ahead of our time. Chili somehow and someway figured out how to post daily video updates before WiFi at a track existed and during a time when WiFi was hard to find no matter what. What a hero. Come shred with us!

Written by Troy Dog

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