Ep 3 of Moto Limelight: The Drama in Oakland and Race Reactions

Zooming in on Oakland Supercross… it’s racing, the chaos, and the drama. Despite Christian Craig making the 250 class to watch, Stank Dog is managing to steal the show. Gared Steinke put out some video content after his race and it got the moto world buzzing. As did Jason Anderson, grabbing a main event win with Aaron Plessinger in two. Keith Clickstein, former mechanic at STAR Racing, tells us what it was like to work with AP. Jimmy Decotis shares his thoughts on the racing and the PULP MX / Stank Dog drama, and more. And we have brotocross, offering his insight on the night of racing.

Written by Slaw Dog

Just a dog trying to find my special bun.

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