Vintage Vibes: Budds Creek Redux 2009 ft Millsaps / Hahn / Weimer

Oh man, did I find some sauce for this week! I’ve actually uncorked a ton of great videos from the summer of 2009 when the Vurb crew was filming the nationals for the Racer X Motocross shows they used to do. 

At this point in that summer our boy Chili Dog was worn the bleep out. Legend says that by the end of the series, Chili was contemplating retirement from filming dirt bikes. He had run himself into the literal dirt from amateur nationals, to Red Bull content, to pro nationals, to filming his feature film Epic, Chili was all over the map. The riders couldn’t even go to the bathroom without our dude filming it. Things got weird.

We all thought that Stew Dog was going to take over the reigns of Film Director. Want proof why? Then watch the video in this post, bro! It’s 2009 Budd’s Creek when that amazing storm blew through and the crew caught some fantastic footage through the mess. (Chili did not pick a camera up after this season ended until after Mini O’s in early December at a Barcia shoot, which we will be revisiting in a few weeks.)

Also featured in this iconic video are Kyle Regal, Davi Millsaps, PJ Larsen, Jake Weimer, Brett Metcalfe, Tommy Hahn (who had the best summer of his career), Blake Baggett (in his debut), Christophe Pourcel, and Chad Reed. All of whom are no longer racing…although I think we will see Baggett in 2022. 

I love the angles of the hill shots and I love the rain footage. The rushing water really brings to life what the 250 riders were facing that second Moto. If only Metcalfe could have held Weimer off one more lap he could have won the race as it was red flagged early. 

I loved this summer of racing. I love this vibe of a video. Matt and Kim’s, “Daylight” blends oddly well with motocross and I wish I could relive these days. Three months later after this video was made, a young Troy Pup would meet Stew, Chili and Bird Dog and the rest they say is history. Enjoy this video. I will be posting more from this summer down the road! 


  1. This memory is so badass, and your iteration of events is very, very true. BUT we got EPIC out of it because of my stupidity. Not much has changed…

    Baggett with the 579 wow!

    I remember this being so special because of Reedy. It was epic to see him win this day.

    Another fun fact, we lost a Panasonic HVX200 due to the weather this particular weekend. It’s still sitting on a shelf at my mom’s house.

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