Unquotables, Nashville: “These Supercross Race Bonuses Are Getting Expensive”

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Round 15 of Monster Energy AMA Supercross was held this past weekend in Nashville. And while there were a TON of great quotes during the press conference and such, we went deeper. And got things riders 100000000 PERCENT DID NOT SAY.

Without further ado, these are things that definitely WERE NOT said by the riders or personnel after the 15th round of the 2023 Monster Energy Supercross Championship, but we all know they were thinking it.

Adam Cianciarulo: “Oooohhh shiiiiiiiiiiiittttttt.”

Jett Lawrence: “Why are you focusing on me? It’s my brother who won the title.”

Roger De Coster: “Now I know how Mitch feels.”

Haiden Deegan: “I’m not sure if anyone realises, but I’m second in points right now… in my rookie season. That’s kinda a big deal.”

Track designer: “Much like riders, we have good days and bad days, and this Nashville track was definitely one of our bad days.”

Mr Honda: “These Supercross race bonuses are getting expensive.”

Hunter Lawrence: “I’m not saying I thought Jordon would make a mistake… but I also knew I didn’t need to pass him.”

Jason Anderson: “When is this SX season ending?”

Kevin Moranz: “If someone wanted to throw some of those unused factory bikes my way, I’d be pretty grateful.”

Main image: Jessica Reed

Written by Coney Island Dog

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