Clueless: Nashville

You know the moment that you’re over SX and you can’t wait for Pro Motocross to begin… a split-second before AC’s front wheel collided with Webb’s helmet and essentially ended this 2023 SX Championship.

-That might possibly be the worst SX track I’ve ever seen

-Finally, we get to see a Hill on-screen

-Nothing like winning your first championship, and having to share the TV coverage with your brother

-And then ghosting the press conference

-But seriously, congrats to Hunter

-What are the chances we can just end the season here, before anyone else hurts themselves?

-Get well soon Coop, and Barcia

-The KTM group are rivaling PC Kawi for injuries this year

-Smoke isn’t good

-That was a seriously crap track

-Is there anything that’s more slippery, that they could line the track with? Banana skins? Dog $hit?

-Both of those options would actually provide a bit more ‘cushioning’ than plywood

-Kawasaki must be paying BIG 450 contingency money

Main image: Jessica Reed

Written by Coney Island Dog

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