Nashville Supercross From a Fans Perspective

Mark it in the book fam because I may never say it again: Nashville takes the number one SX slot for me over Indy. It’s crazy because I’m a creature of habit and I thrive in cold weather. Sitting my ginger self in the sun in an open stadium was something. I don’t get out too much because I’m a mom, duh! But holy Stew, this weekend may have been the best yet. As y’all know T-Dog and I never make it out on time but that’s okay…we gained an hour. 

We got in around 10 a.m. and sat in traffic to get into our hotel (which charged me twice at an amazing $1,000). You shall remain unnamed. We walked endlessly to find the media will call which we did eventually locate in lot E? I’m sure I’m wrong. Talk about a quest. I want to take a moment to thank Grant Harlan for hooking me up with a pass. You’re lucky you can still look as good as you do in a sling. Send the OG squad boss some good vibes so he can kick it on the new ‘23 for outdoors. 

I don’t even remember what time of day it was at this point but I slipped into section 144 to sweat in the rain even more? The question mark was on purpose. Nash weather is weird and that means something coming from a Cincinnati girl. My sister told me to get my hands on some street meat but I had to give that one a hard pass. I went with Ranch Water. Also, if anyone finds my coat let me know. I left it on the ground in section 144 and I’m still sad about it. As always I ended up running around solo like I do at almost every sx race. At one point I navigated about 50 fences, was forced to rally down several beverages, and walked through too many security things. It reminded me of home (shoutout to Price Hill). 

By the time opening ceremonies started we took our seats by the one and only Mamma HarDog. I’ve been going to sx races since 2011, but when I say sitting next to a mom of a rider is something…IT’S SOMETHING. A good thing. There was such a quiet, strong energy that I can’t really put it into words. An anxious confidence. She was repping the blue Rock River nails and I remember thinking, “I’ve never actually been to Hawaii but I’m pretty sure she is the definition of island energy.” At one point I asked her something along the lines of, “Do you get nervous no matter how many times he does this….?” She responded with, “It’s always the start.” She had stories of several riders and had memories of some of them from when they were kids. At one point I swear I was more focused on her than the race. I feed off energy and hers was so solid even after the busted wing. OG moto moms are truly amazing. They sit quietly in the stands, wringing their water bottles, never once getting up. They send out every ounce of good vibes to their boy. I may have teared up behind my sunglasses. We watch all these guys put their heart and soul on the gate but somewhere in the stands is their mom who just wants them to make it off in one piece. It’s a battle of wanting them safe but also knowing they’re good and trusting the process. Pressure of fantasy and points is so strong but at the end of the day…and duh, I’m gonna say it, it’s more than  that y’all. I know you all know that. I’m very thankful G is okay and honored to have sat with you in Nashville Mamma H.

Hunter Lawrence crushed it and Cooper Webb is still on my mind. Nash is a total blur of highs and lows but the city really brought it all together. Trey Canard signed my jersey, I got to drink pickle juice with Wes and Matthes, and I walked the footbridge during the sunset. I have to keep it PG here people, but the night goes in my top 10 of all time. There really is nothing as amazing as Broadway on a Saturday. The T-Dog Squad showed up and I got to hang with so many amazing people. I’m honestly sad it’s over. 

Sending this into the universe…Nashville SX should be a yearly shindig. My heart loves this idea, my liver does not. 

Ginger out

Main image: Jessica Reed

Written by Ginger Dog

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